Amazon 30-day Return Policy (2023)


Amazon is a giant retailer. Millions of customers visit the website and buy several products. Amazon is a well-known online retailer offering more than what you need. Sometimes after purchasing a particular item, you may realize that you didn’t want that item or that the purchased product was defective, so you can make a return. Amazon has introduced a policy to return any unwanted product purchased through the company. Is there any 30-day return policy? We will also share hacks to return orders after the 20-day return window.

What is Amazon’s 30-day return policy? 

By bringing 30 days of receipt of the item, it may be returned to the company as there are many return windows at Amazon. Some items qualify for a 30-day return window. On the other hand, certain items in the store can be returned after 30 days. Some items, such as baby products, can be returned within 365 days of the purchase. 

Whenever you buy some items from Amazon, be sure about the item’s return policy. You may bring that product to the store for a refund within 30 days of purchase. Gifts can also be returned within a specific time.

These are refunded in the similar way you used to purchase the item.

Which items are eligible for a 30-day return window?

There are items categorized according to the return window at Amazon. Some of these items must be returned to Amazon within 30 days if you are uncomfortable with them. You can mail them or bring them to the store as well. Here are some items listed below which have 30-day return criteria.

Returning Books, eBooks, and magazines;

Any book bought from the company can be returned. That book must be in excellent and original condition. If the company suggested that book to you but didn’t enjoy it, you can also return it within 30 days. On the other hand, Amazon does not encourage returning ebooks. It does not accept the return of an ebook bought from the company. Suppose you want to cancel the subscription to a magazine. In that case, you can call an Amazon customer service representative to cancel the subscription. You will be refunded for the remaining fee.

Returning CDs, DVDs, cassettes, and software;

Software that can be downloaded is eligible to be returned within 30 days of purchase.

Returning Electronics;

CDs, DVDs, cassettes, software, games, vinyl records, or VHS types can be returned to the company. These must be wrapped in plastic packaging. After purchase, whenever you think you do not need them, return them immediately to the company.

Electronics have a 30-day return window. Those electronics bought from the company must be returned within 30 days of purchase. They must be brought in original condition and with all accessories.

What items are not returnable after 30 days have passed?

Amazon deals with exceptional cases, like if you bought a computer from the company; it can not be returned after 30 days. The same formula is applied to cell phones. Amazon does not accept returns made after 30 days of purchase for computers and mobile phones.

It does not accept the return of gas-powered items. Amazon has employed this strategy for security and to prevent any mishaps. So even if you buy gas-powered items from Amazon, you can not return them to the company within 30 days.

How to cancel a service plan bought from Amazon?

Suppose you want to cancel a service plan you purchased from Amazon. They do not encourage you to contact Amazon company. They suggest calling your service provider and asking them to cancel the particular service.

How to return items to Amazon purchased from other marketplaces?

Amazon has partnerships with multiple service providers. Its sales are facilitated through marketplaces like Auctions, Toysrus, babies r us, Target, and other partners. 

Items brought from its partner auctions are only returned to the vendor. You need not contact Amazon directly. Items bought from Babies are returnable to both Amazon and Babies R US.

Items which are purchased from Amazon toy stores are easily accessible and refundable. You can directly contact Amazon to get a refund. You can sell these items at eBay, for whose return Amazon denies.

How to return gifts to Amazon?

You can also return a gift to Amazon. If someone has sent you a gift through and it was marked as a gift on the receipt, you can get a refund. The person who sent the gift will be unaware of the return. If it was not marked as a gift, the refund will be directed to the sender. 

How to initiate a return process for an item to Amazon?

You can return the item to Amazon within 30 days. 

  • To initiate the return, visit the online return center.
  • You will be provided with a shipping label. 
  • Pack the item along with the receipt and other accessories.
  • Could you mail it to Amazon?
  • If the cause of the return were from the consumer’s side, the shipping costs would be deducted from the refund.
  • You must return these items in proper and original packaging. You must attach a receipt with the item before its return. It depends on the company whether it accepts a return or not.

How to return an item if you exceed the 30-day return window?

Sometimes you are not able to return the package within 30 days. You can always request a return even if 30 days have passed. First of all, call the customer service representative. You can converse with him via chat. Explain your situation. It would be best to interact with them before personally visiting the store. They have a lenient return policy.


Amazon has a thirty-day return policy for several items. You can return them within 30 days before the window closes. If you cannot return the package within that limit, you can request a return afterward.


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