Amazon Bereavement Policy (2023)


Most US retailers, including giant one, have recognized the role of bereavement leave. Many US retailers are offering short time bereavement leave. But when it comes to a giant retailer like Amazon, do they offer bereavement leave or not? Here is the complete guide for those who are looking for Amazon Bereavement leave in 2023.

Does Amazon offer bereavement leave?

The answer is an absolute yes. As many companies have relinquished the role of bereavement leave, Amazon has also considered this leave. It offers a maximum of three days of bereavement leave. This applies to both full-time workers and hourly workers. They can get three leaves as bereavement leave which the company will pay.

Why do you need bereavement leave?

The employee requires Bereavement leave when someone in the employee’s immediate family member passes away. In this time of remorse and bemoan, employees need a break from the working schedule to sob at the death of immediate family members. Amazon acknowledges this leave because it’s indispensable to have a last look at the death of a dear one.

For how many days does Amazon give bereavement leave?

Amazon offers 3-day bereavement leaves to its employees who have to attend the cremation of the loved one. The company pays these three leaves at the same time. This is a regular period when an employee may be absent from the working shift. To get the 3-day paid employees, to have to ask the manager of the company.

How to extend bereavement leave at Amazon?

As the regular bereavement leave days are in 3, an employee must consult the human department or the warehouse manager to extend the leave period to extend the bereavement leave period. In case of extending these leave days, employees will not be paid by the company. The extended days will be marked as unpaid. Moreover, human resources may decide whether to extend the days or not.

Who is eligible to get bereavement leave at Amazon?

Full-time and part-time employees are equally eligible to get bereavement leave. Full-time employees can get three days of paid leave. Those employees working in shifts will get three part-time days to leave or an equal regular part-time schedule.

Does Amazon consent to bereavement leave automatically?

The answer to this question is no. Amazon does not consent automatically to bereavement leave. To get paid leave, employees should be allowed to go out with the manager’s consent. They have to provide documentation if the manager demands it.

It asks for proof to confirm whether the person who died is your immediate family member. After confirmation, you will be granted leave.

Do I have to provide proof of bereavement leave at Amazon?

 As it is not mentioned clearly on the website to provide proof of the death of an immediate family member, the idea of providing proof of the death of a loved one is vague. If your manager asks you to provide the death certificate, you must follow the instructions.

Can I be fired for negative UTF?

Using the UTF – unpaid time off is suggested at Amazon. 

Whenever your loved one dies, and you need more than three paid leave days to mourn his death, you must request more unpaid leave. If you exceed the unpaid leave day limit, a marked count will damage your employment status. There is a possibility that you will be fired from the job at Amazon if you exceed the UTF limit.

Can I get bereavement leave for my pet?

Although Amazon does offer bereavement leave for immediate family members, you cannot get bereavement leave for the death of a pet.

This leave is provided in other stores like Petco, Kimpton Hotel, Mars Inc., etc.


Sometimes employees working in different retailers need bereavement leave at the death of their loved ones. Amazon does offer three days of paid Bereavement leave on the death of an employee’s loved one. To extend the limit, you can request the manager. If you exceed the unpaid time off limit, you will be fired from the job.


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