Amazon Employees Discount (2023)


Amazon Employees Discount

Amazon has been functioning smoothly because its employees have been working efficiently. These employees offer their services day and night across the globe. 

More than 1468,000 employees have been working with Amazon. As it has been offering multiple discounts to its customers, what other offers and perks are given to employees? Being a giant retailer, we expect something more than the other competitors.

Amazon Employee Discount

Amazon has been giving 10% as an employee discount. A total of $100 is provided to employees working in the company. Amazon gives 10% off on everything an employee buys up to $1000.

Eligibility criteria to get Amazon Employee Discount;

Although part-time, full-time, seasonal workers and contractors can get this discount, they must have worked 30 days at the store. After working 30 days, employees are eligible to benefit from the deal.

Products eligibility criteria;

Employees can buy anything from the store or online with this discount. Yet there are certainly some exceptions. They are not eligible to get a 10% discount on every product. They get discounts on only those items sold and fulfilled directly by Amazon. Those items which carry marketplace tags are excluded from the discount list. Everything else is excluded from the list.

Can Amazon employees get a discount on Prime Membership?

As many other companies offer free or partially paid premium membership to their employees, Amazon does not do so. It does not provide any discount for Amazon premium to its employees. If they want to subscribe to a premium service, they must pay the whole amount. But they can use these discounts on Prime Day. Prime Day is the shopping day for premium members who get lots of deals, perks, and offers.

Other benefits which Amazon gives to its employees;

Here is the list of those benefits an employee gets by working with Amazon. These benefits are not only provided to employees but also to their family members. Employee benefits include health care coverage, paid leaves, paid tuition fees, and other benefits to improve well-being.

Generous salary;

Amazon has been paying competitively. According to Amazon, it has been paying a minimum wage of up to $18. It claims that this salary is more than double the federal minimum wage. Full-time, part-time, seasonal workers and contractors can get this amount compared to other retailers, it has been paying its employees handsomely.

Amazon Upskilling commitment;

Amazon helps employees to upskill themselves so that they can grow their careers. It has been designing different programs to bring employees by 2025. It has claimed that it has invested more than $1.2 billion in these programs, which will provide education and training to more than 300,000 employees. It also plans to offer more than 29 million employees cloud computing training.

Financial security;

Amazon employees are provided opportunities so that they can stock in the store. They are also offered a 401(k) plan to save their money, which the company matches up to 50%. Moreover, Amazon employees can also get financing counseling and estate planning services.

Amazon Employee Health Insurance Plan

Amazon employees and their families are eligible to get different health plans these plans include

  • Medical Cover
  • Dental coverage
  • Vision Coverage

But remember that these benefits are only provided to regular full-time employees. All other contractors and seasonal employees can’t get these health benefits

Amazon Employee Paid Time Off

Leaves other than medical and physical concerns are available to Amazon employees. Amazon gives paid time off to its employees. It provides 20 weeks of paid leave to its female employees in case of childbirth. Moreover, six weeks of paid leave is given to those female employees who adopt a baby.

It does offer a leave-share program. It has also initiated a Ramp Back program for birth parents, giving them 8 weeks of consecutive flexible and partial working schedules.

Amazon gives college and tuition fees to frontline employees.

Amazon has initiated a program in which it pays for college and tuition fees for employees working on the frontline. Moreover, it bears the charges and costs of books, prices, and even classes.


Amazon has been offering a 10% discount to its employees when they purchase in-store and online. They do not get deals for marketplace products. They can shop on prime day but are not eligible for discounts on Prime Membership. Many other facilities are provided to Amazon employees, like health insurance and tuition fee. 


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