Amazon Pay Raise Chart (2023)


Amazon Pay Raise Chart 2023

Amazon is the largest online retailer offering all the luxuries of life and delivering faster than any other retailer because millions of employees work with it.

It has employed more than 1.5 million employees as of June 2022. The workers of Amazon receive many benefits and perks because of working with this giant company. They enjoy a salary raise every year according to their position and location. How often does Amazon raise salaries for employees?

These and related questions will be answered in this section.

What is the Amazon Pay Raise Chart?

Amazon claimed in September 2022 that it has been raising the average Pay of frontline workers. Hourly Pay for the frontline workers will be an average of 18 or 19 dollars. It further states that this salary rise will help Amazon to attract more employees in the rigid labor market. It stated that in October 2022, Amazon would raise the average salary of warehouse and transportation workers. These workers will earn an average of $16 to $26 hourly. 

Moreover, Amazon has increased average hourly wages up to $18 in the last year. This year the increase in salaries of the employees has cost it 1 billion dollars. The company name has also claimed that by using the Anytime Pay service, employees can get paid once or twice a month. 

On what factors does the Amazon pay raise chart depend?

Salary inflation depends on various factors. Amazon considers those factors for the inflation of Pay for employees. Salary increment depends on the position. It will be increased according to the position of employees at which they are working. Frontline employees will get $17 to $18 per hour in the year 2022. The department and tenure also affect inflation. The salary raise is based on the location as well.

It has also employed another method named Stack Ranking. The performance of the employees will be judged according to whether their Pay will be raised or not. 

How much does Amazon pay its employees?

Amazon pays are competitive. The employees working in the company have an average pay chart, according to which it has the following payment schedule. Here some of the wages offered to employees are mentioned.

  • Customer Service Representatives earn up to $14 per hour.
  • Warehouse workers and associates earn up to $16 per hour.
  • Delivery Driver earns up to $16 per hour.
  • The average hourly Pay for Human Resource assistants is $22.
  • Support technicians and Information technology-related services are paid an average of $21 hourly.
  • Safety specialists earn up to $23.
  • Environmental Health and Safety Specialists earn up to $24 per hour.

How often does Amazon raise Pay?

Most commonly, Amazon announces an increase in Pay every year. If you work at Amazon, you can expect a pay increase yearly. It significantly increased the wages of the employees in 2018. After that number of employees in different positions received emails and letters regarding the announcement of their pay increment.

Sometimes government policies regarding wages or labor salaries may change, affecting the Amazon pay raise chart as well.

Is Amazon Pay competitive?

Amazon’s pay chart is competitive. Millions of customers want to work with companies and are working too. In 2018, Amazon raised the average wages of employees to $15. 

Its wages are competitive up to the extent that higher wages at Amazon insist other major retailers like Target, Costco, or Best Buy follow the Amazon pay raise chart. These giant retailers are forced to design their Pay according to the Amazon chart.


Amazon has been increasing employees’ wages on an hourly basis. Employees at Amazon witnessed an increase in their Pay after every year. Recently Amazon has claimed that it has been about to increase the average pay of its employees. More than 1.5 million workers are associated with the company. Most recently, Amazon has spent $1 billion on the inflation of salaries for employees.


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