What is Amazon Pay Stub? Explained (2022)

Amazon Pay Stub
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Amazon is one of the largest online retailers. It has been serving its consumers in different nations. It serves them with apparel, music, electronics, video games, home accessories, and many more. To cope with millions of customers it has employed a relative number of employees. These employees get wages and also they are provided with pay stubs.

What is Amazon Pay Stub?

Amazon Pay Stub recapitulates the record of the wage given to Amazon employees. The pay that an Amazon employee receives is mentioned on the pay stub. These pay stubs are used both by the company and by the employee. The company uses it to keep a record of the salaries of the employee. It also uses it to generate income taxes. The employee uses this pay stub to keep an account of the amount given to him. He can get it at the online website or by contacting the HR of the company.

These pay stubs are undeniably indispensable for every employee. These can be gained through the website. We will guide you from scratch that how an employee can get his pay stub at Amazon.

What does Amazon Check Pay Stub display?

An employee can get a pay stub from Amazon. This slip displays information about the monthly wages of the employee. He can also get information about the amount of salary for the total enrollment period. All the taxation will be mentioned on the pay stub. The amount which was deducted as the result of taxation and other dues can also be seen on the Amazon pay stub.

It shows how much an employee earned during the employment period or the previous year. Not only the employee can use this information but also the manager can use it to keep a record of the employee’s payments. 

Workers can get and uses these pay stubs to ensure that the company as well as the manager is paying the employee well. 

Amazon pay stubs have three main parts.

  • The one showing the gross wages of the employees.
  • The second one shows the amount of tax and other implications deducted from the salaries of the employees.
  • The third one shows the net salaries of the employees.

How can I get Amazon Pay stub in 2022?

An employee can find a pay stub with two different methods. The first one to contact the human resources of the company. The second one which is more convenient is checking online.

Here we will discuss both methods to help you as much as we can.

Contact HR;

Employees can contact the HR of the company. He can request a copy of the Amazon Pay Stub. If an employee is currently working for Amazon, there is a possibility that he can easily get the pay stub. In case he is an ex-employee of the company he will have to provide proper credentials to protect the data and avoid other mishaps.

Check the Amazon Pay stub at the EHR website;

The most convenient method is to check pay stubs online.

  • Visit Employee Human resource website.
  • If you don’t have an account previously you have to create one.
  • In case you are a new employee of the company you must have credentials to sign-up for the account. 
  • If an employee has already an account log in to the account.
  • Go to the Amazon Benefit option.
  • Enter a username.
  • If an employee forgot the username it can be easily recovered.
  • Check for the Amazon Pay Stub.
  • The pay stub will be displayed on the screen.
  • You can make a copy of it.

What credentials are needed to make an account on the EHR website?

For a new employee, it is necessary to set up an account on the Employee Human Resources website.

  • Whenever they visit the website for the first time it will ask whether they are a new user or not.
  • Choose a new user and click next.
  • Then have to click on the create account
  • The system will instruct the employee to follow the listed instructions.
  • The account formation will begin by entering Amazon employee ID.
  • You will have to provide an employee ID with the password. 
  • The employee ID is provided by the manager of the company. 
  • You have to set a username that can be easily recovered or forgotten.

You should have access to the desktop, PC, laptop, or mobile with a secure internet connection.


Amazon Pay stubs are used to have an account of the pay and deductions from the Amazon employee. These can be used by both the employee and the company. An employee can get access to the pay stubs by interacting with the HR of the company or checking online. 

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