What Is the UPT Policy at Amazon? (2023)


Parental leave, health insurance, personal time off, vacation time, and a host of additional employee benefits are among the advantages that Amazon employees are entitled to. However, prospective employees need clarification about the specifics of Amazon’s UPT policy and how it operates. 

People unfamiliar with the corporation frequently have questions regarding Amazon’s unique performer target strategy, mainly what UPT Amazon means. Continue reading to learn more about how UPT functions at Amazon, the distinction between UPT and PTO, and other topics.

What Is the UPT Policy at Amazon?

Amazon has announced that starting in 2022, they will provide their staff 20 hours of “Unpaid Personal Time Off” every three months. A lot of free time is offered to Amazon employees, so they can spend it in any way they choose, such as with friends and family. This time would be considered unpaid, personal downtime. An employee may relieve his responsibilities if his hours drop below a specified threshold.

How Does Amazon’s UPT Operate?

At the beginning of each quarter, Amazon distributes 20 hours of UPT to each tier-one employee for 80 hours of unpaid time off per year. Amazon employees are permitted to take UPT at any period of the year, even during periods of high sales activity, like the holidays.

Can Amazon workers bank their UPT?

Employees are only allowed to bank 80 hours of UPT. A staff member’s employment will typically be terminated if they try to bank more than 80 hours of UPT. Additionally, each time an Amazon employee uses unpaid time off, they must pay VCP (Variable Compensation Pay) to Amazon. Therefore, employees who misuse their UPT will not only miss spending work hours but also have the time deducted from their pay.

How Frequently Does Amazon Offer UPT?

UPT is distributed by Amazon to its employees four times a year at the start of each quarter. The UPT employees receive two options: they can use it right once or store it up and spend it after the calendar year. Amazon provides tier-one employees with 80 hours of UPT, though as individuals advance, they may receive more UPT.

Can I utilize UPT at Amazon at any time?

Staff members are permitted to use UPT at any time of the year, per Amazon’s UPT policy. However, some managers can be reluctant to give UPT to staff members who want to take it all at once. Because particular Amazon supervisors might need to be more flexible about using UPT for an extended time, staff members are advised to spread their UPT throughout the year with the PTO.

However, Amazon employees can use their UPT whenever possible, even during busy shopping, like the holidays or Prime Day.

Could You Get in Problems at Amazon for Using UPT?

Staff members can be reprimanded for exceeding their UPT quota, tracked in Amazon’s clock-out system, even though they are not in danger of using their allowed UPT hours. While some managers may decide to let their employees off with a warning, Amazon may go so far as to dismiss employees who accrue longer UPT hours than they are permitted annually.

However, Amazon employees should exercise caution when taking longer off than permitted to avoid receiving a negative performance review from their boss or losing their jobs.

Do Sick Days at Amazon Fall Under UPT?

Sick days and UPT are two different things for Amazon employees. Employees at Amazon are eligible for 80 hours of UPT and 80 hours of sick time each year. If an Amazon employee is ill for an extended time, they could use their UPT over their sick days. However, employees must phone into work 24 hours before using their sick days.

What Are the Differences Between UPT and PTO?

Employees of Amazon are given both PTO (paid time off) and UPT (unpaid time off) (paid time off). UPT is not paid time off, but PTO entitles employees to money for their regular shifts even when used. This is the primary distinction between these two benefits.

Additionally, Amazon only provides employees 40 hours of paid time off (PTO) each year, compared to 80 hours of UPT. As a result, workers have a greater right to unpaid time off than paid time off.


Employees are allowed 20 hours of unpaid time off (UPT) each quarter, for a total of 80 hours of UPT per year, according to Amazon’s UPT policy. An employee may accumulate up to 80 hours by the end of the year despite taking UPT at any time during the calendar year. In addition to UPT, employees can access 40 hours of compensated leave, which they can use all at once or over the year.


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