Amazon VTO Policy 2023 (All you need to know)


Amazon is a giant multinational retailer. It has been selling thousands of products to its customers every day. To meet customers’ needs, Amazon has employed uncountable employees in the company. These employees work under different policies of Amazon.

They must follow and abide by the rules and regulations if they have to work in the company. Although it has multiple policies for its workers, one of them is the most controversial, the Amazon VTO Policy. This is one of the policies at Amazon that need more explanation.

What is Amazon’s VTO Policy?

VTO stands for voluntary Time Off. VTO is an employee benefits policy.

It allows employees to take some off time. Whenever an employee completes his work, he can leave the store before his shift ends. Voluntary Time off is available to the employees who apply for it. Amazon does not penalize its employees in this case. They do not have to worry about cutting salaries. They do not have to fear other penalty policies by Amazon by procuring VTO. They can take Time off for multiple reasons that can not be stated even. Voluntary Time off is part of the law related to laborers to protect them from overwork.

Why does Amazon offer Voluntary Time Off?

Multiple factors trigger Amazon to offer voluntary Time off. Amazon and the other companies offering VTO understand and acknowledge that working at these companies is physically demanding. They have to work the whole day or night during their shift.

Employees have to struggle the whole day with multiple things. They feel physically as well as mentally tired from the tiresome job. So it is beneficial to offer VTO to their employees. This may create a wave of happiness in the employees if they get voluntary Time off.

How can I get VTO at Amazon?

It is possible to get paid Time off. Rest assured that your payment will not be cut, and it will not affect your employment status. You can get this Time off when needed. But you were getting this voluntary Time off through a procedure provided by Amazon.

Who is eligible to get VTO?

Employees can get VTO when they reach the middle quota during their job. After attaining this level, they will be eligible to get this offer. Full-time employees and hourly employees can get this Time off. This eligibility also depends on certain factors. The most crucial factor is how busy the company is. If there is enormous traffic in the company to buy inventory and they need employees to deal with them, you will not be allowed to have this policy.

Similarly, despite the less traffic for the shopping, if the number of employees is less to cope with customers, you will have to stay in the store. If the store isn’t busy now, you can ask for a VTO. Similarly, if there are many employees to deal with the customers, you can spend your Time off.

How to apply for voluntary Time off?

The company allows employees to follow a specific procedure to get Time off. 

  • They have to download an application provided by Amazon, the A to Z application.
  • After installing the app, sign up.
  • If you are already registered, log in to the account by entering your credentials. 
  • You must have an employee ID provided by the company and a password to access the account.
  • After that, tap on the VTO icon that will be visible on the screen.
  • An automated process will initiate the search of your warehouse.
  • There is a possibility that voluntary Time off is available at the warehouse or not. In the case of VTO being available, tap on the respective slot. Turn on the notification to get the latest updates about the approval of VTO.

What are the benefits of VTO?

Amazon initiated this policy for the benefit of employees. Whenever employees get tired of work or have to do another urgent task, they can come for the VTO. There might be many reasons to claim VTO, but it will alleviate the employees’ stress.

Some of the significant benefits that a VTO serves to employees include

  • Employees can do their tasks.
  • They can go out to alleviate their stress level.
  • They might have to go to the doctor to maintain their health and revert sickness.
  • Labor law protects employees from being overworked. If they need leave to help their family members to get their medical checkups, they must be allowed to do so. Amazon abides by this law. Employees can visit the health care system by bringing their sick family members.
  • The company also gets multiple benefits which include
  • Employees’ working capacity is enhanced after finishing the tasks they need to leave.
  • Employees’ loyalty to the company increases by providing these perks and space.
  • The store is prevented from being overcrowded. This helps in the smooth functioning of the company. 

What are the drawbacks of the Voluntary Time Off policy?

Although it has been furnished for the benefit of the company and employees yet, certain things need to be addressed;

  • Employees are not paid for the VTO.
  • You claim the VTO, but it is not provided at once. Depending on the busyness of the warehouse, you will be allowed accordingly.


Amazon has initiated a Voluntary Time Off policy to facilitate the company’s and its employees’ functioning. They can claim this policy if they want to leave to do some urgent task. They can sign-up through the A to Z app and apply. As soon as their VTO is approved, they can leave the store to do urgent tasks.


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