Amazon’s Policy on Bereavement in 2023


Many retail companies in the United States have begun to recognize the importance of providing employees with bereavement leave, allowing them time off to grieve and attend funerals and other arrangements. If you work at Amazon or are considering working there, you may wonder what Amazon’s bereavement leave policy is for employees. Here’s what I’ve discovered about it!

What is Amazon’s Policy on Bereavement in 2022?

As of 2022, Amazon provides three days of paid bereavement leave for employees’ immediate family members who die. This benefit is available to both part-time and full-time employees. Amazon subsidiaries, such as Whole Foods, have different policies. In states where more time off is required by law, the amount of leave varies. Continue reading to learn which Amazon employees are eligible for paid bereavement leave, how to apply for bereavement leave, and much more!

Is it necessary to provide proof of bereavement to Amazon?

The online retailer appears to have yet to publish an official documentation policy. However, based on various anecdotes, some employees have been asked to provide proof to their managers. If a supervisor requests documentation, consider using a death certificate or obituary to confirm the death of a family member.

Is Amazon Bereavement approved automatically?

Before you can take paid time off, a manager must manually approve your absence. Please remember that a supervisor may deny your request if the company does not consider your relative an immediate family member.

Can you take bereavement leave for your close friend’s death?

No! You cannot take bereavement leave if a friend or non-relative dies.

Can I Take Pet Bereavement Leave at Amazon?

No! While it is heartbreaking to lose a pet that has been a part of your family for many years, Amazon does not offer bereavement leave in this situation. In fact, according to ABC News, only a few employers, including Mars Inc. and Kimpton Hotels, as well as certain pet stores such as Petco, provide pet bereavement leave.

Is Amazon Bereavement Leave Available to Me?

Amazon employees, both part-time and full-time, are generally eligible for bereavement leave. Even if you don’t typically receive paid time off from Amazon, you qualify for leave, so ask your manager if you need time off due to a bereavement in your family. However, remember that the company’s independent contractors typically do not have benefits and may not be eligible for bereavement leave.

Will Amazon Fire Me If I Have a Negative UPT?

If you require more than three days to grieve, you may use any available UPT. However, be aware that Amazon strictly enforces time-off limits regardless of the circumstances and has been known to terminate employees who exceed their UPT limits by as little as one hour. Furthermore, remember that the number of hours you use may exceed the time you were not working. According to The Verge, six minutes of tardiness results in a one-hour loss. It is critical to carefully and precisely plan any time off to avoid unintended consequences.

How Many Times Can I Use Amazon Bereavement Leave?

There is no official policy restricting bereavement leave when multiple family members die. Nonetheless, it may be prudent to seek additional guidance from your manager. According to state law, employees in Oregon can take up to 12 weeks of leave every 12 months (if six family members pass away).

How Do I Request Bereavement Leave From Amazon?

To obtain bereavement leave, contact your manager and request a leave of absence and confirm that you are eligible for this benefit. To ensure adequate notice, try to do this as soon as possible. Aside from that, remember to obtain and keep documentation of the death in case a supervisor asks for proof that a relative died.

Is Bereavement Leave Necessary?

If you are eligible for this benefit and an immediate family member has died, there is no compelling reason not to take the leave. You will be paid your regular salary while on bereavement leave, and it will not affect the amount of paid or unpaid time off you have accrued.


When members of their immediate families die, Amazon employees typically have the option of taking three paid days off. Some bosses want to see death-related paperwork, such as a newspaper obituary or a death certificate. The policy does not always apply to subsidiaries such as Whole Foods, independent contractors, or non-U.S. employees.


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