Are Dogs Allowed in Target: (Pet Policy Updated 2022)

Are Dogs Allowed in Target
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Who does not love their pet dogs? We want to bring them everywhere, but bringing in grocery stores might end up in havoc. Keep reading this article to find out whether dogs are allowed in Target or not.

Are dogs allowed in Target?

No! Target has a strict no-pet policy, so customers will be unable to bring their dogs into any Target locations as of 2022. Suppose you have a service animal, according to the Americans with Disabilities Act. In that case, all certified service dogs are allowed to enter Target alongside their disabled owners and fall under specific entry guidelines.

Why Are Pet Dogs Not Allowed In Target?

Target refuses entry to dogs of any breed and has a strict no pets policy for any animal except service dogs to ensure customers’ safety. This is partly due to Target’s food department selling open and unpackaged food items and the risk of contamination or animal-bacterial transmission.

Is it possible to bring a service dog to Target?

Yes! Target does accept service dogs. Businesses are required to accommodate service dogs under the Americans with Disabilities Act. 

What is a service animal? 

A service animal is a particular working animal trained to assist people with disabilities, both mental and physical. These people rely on their service animals to protect and assist them. This is why the owner cannot leave the animal and why all public places, including Target, allow service animals access.

What Counts As A Service Dog In Target?

The ADA and Target’s pet policy classify service dogs into six major categories of work or tasks the individual dog performs. Among these services are:

  • Guide Dogs—These dogs assist people who are blind or visually impaired in walking safely.
  • Hearing Dogs—Aid their deaf or hard of hearing owners in navigating their surroundings.
  • Medical Alert and Assist Dogs—Service dogs detect dangerous alert signs of diabetes or other diseases.
  • Psychiatric Service Dogs—In cases of severe PTSD or Autism, this type of certified mental service dog will be of assistance.
  • Seizure Alert and Response Dogs—Seizure service dogs predict seizures and accompany their owners to a safe location and nearby alert people for help.
  • Severe Allergy Alert Dogs—Extremely well-trained animals detect allergens before their owners consume them.

What Does Not Count As A Service Dog In Target?

If your dog is not trained to help you with any medical aid and is just your friend, then according to Target, it is not a service dog and is not allowed in the store.

Can Target Ask If Your Dog Is A Service Dog?

No! Employees in Target are not allowed to ask whether your dog is a service dog or not.

Why Are Service Dogs Allowed In Target Stores?

Service dogs are allowed in Target to help their customers as much as they can. A service dog’s services are essential for a person keeping the dog.

Are Service Dogs In-Training Allowed Into Target?

The ADA does not explicitly cover situations in which service dogs in training may be brought into public facilities and areas. Still, several states have laws governing which spaces these trainee animals are permitted to enter.

However, ADA Handler Responsibility still applies to service dogs in training—the animal must be under control at all times, housebroken, and vaccinated per state and local laws.

Are emotional support dogs allowed in Target?

No! Though many people take emotional support dogs as service animals. But departmental stores do not allow their presence in stores.

Can You Carry Your Dog Into Target?

No! You can not carry your pet dog to Target.

Are dogs with leashes allowed in the store?

No! You can not bring dogs with leashes on in Target.

Are dogs in a bag allowed at Target?

No! Even if you carry a dog in a bag, it is not allowed at Target.

How Do You Shop At Target With Your Dog?

If you are with your dog at Target, you must leave it outside the store in order to shop inside.

Are other animals allowed in Target?

No! Target does not allow any animal entrance into the store.

Can You Bring Dogs Into Any Grocery Stores?

No! Departmental stores allow the acceptance of dogs inside because of sanitary issues.


Target is high on customer care and does not allow any animal in the stores, whether a dog or any other animal. You must have to follow their policies in order to shop inside.


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