Can I use Western Union at CVS? 2022

Can I use Western Union at CVS
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Western Union is a global financial institution for money transfers. It has field offices all over the world, and its headquarters are in the USA. Customers all around the globe rely on Western Union for their everyday requirements because of its safe money transfer system. 

With Western Union, Money can be sent to anybody abroad quickly, easily, and securely. Bank fees are not charged, and most transfers take only a few minutes. One of the country’s top retail and pharmacy chains, CVS is well-known for providing consumers with a variety of convenience options, including in-store monetary services for simple transactions.

But what if you want to transfer or receive money with Western Union? Does CVS provide clients with a Western Union kiosk inside the store? Here is what I have learned.

Can I use Western Union at CVS?

It is a common question from CVS clients but unfortunately, the company does not offer money transfer services through Western Union. The company does provide money transfer services, but they are not provided by Western Union. In contrast, they employ MoneyGram for all their locations’ financial transaction services.

Can I use MoneyGram at CVS?

Yes! Here, MoneyGram is available, enabling customers to send and receive money and place orders. You may also use this service to send money to Walgreens, Rite Aid, and Walmart to pay for goods there.

Read on to learn why the company doesn’t provide Western Union, who the companies are who do, and how much it pays.

What to do if I want to use Financial Services at CVS?

In addition to other services, CVS also provides money transfer services. Each and every CVS location has a MoneyGram kiosk where customers may send or receive money. To utilize CVS’s money-transfer service, follow these steps:

  • Go to any CVS location’s MoneyGram desk or kiosk.
  • If you wish to send money, you must first correctly fill out the money order.
  • After that, give the service desk agent your desired payment.
  • Make sure the salesperson gives you the receipt. The invoice serves as evidence of your money order.

Why is Western Union unavailable at CVS?

Western Union is the leader in international money transfer services. Even more significant than Money Gram. To give its consumers the ability to transfer or receive money, CVS already uses Money Gram’s services. MoneyGram and Western Union are direct rivals in the same market for services.

Because CVS already partners with MoneyGram, Western Union is not available there. As a result, they are unable to provide for both competitors at the same time. Customers can use MoneyGram kiosks or authorized desks at CVS to transfer money.

What distinguishes MoneyGram from Western Union?

Despite certain internet misunderstandings, Western Union and MoneyGram are rival businesses. The main distinction between the two is the size of Western Union as a business. On the other hand, MoneyGram competes with Western Union by charging comparable rates for its services and has chiefly established its image by providing inexpensive international money transfers.

Additionally, to execute money services and send money internationally, MoneyGram and Western Union charge various fees. Bank-to-bank transfers, for instance, might cost $0.99 at Western Union.

What is the cost of using Western Union?

Prices for Western Union’s services vary. For instance, Western Union would charge customers around $12.50 for the service if you send $200 in cash and the recipient collects the money.

Western Union typically charges around $11 to transmit cash, although the price might vary based on how much money you want to send and where.

You may verify the cost of your money service before you go to the store by accessing the pricing for Western Union services online.

What Stores Provide Western Union Service?

Customers can move money swiftly throughout the world using an electronic money transfer system. As a result, the business is offered by several retailers, including Rite Aid, Walmart, Walgreens, and Duane Reade.

Use your website’s search engine to find your nearby partnering retailer that works with Western Union.

How Can I Receive A Funds Transfer From Western Union?

You could receive money transfers from Western Union at one of their agent locations. To get your transfer, you’ll need to know how much money you want to collect and the specifics of your transaction (like a tracking number).

All you need is some cash, a type of government-issued identification, and the information related to your Western Union transfer.


Although CVS cannot provide Western Union services in its shops, it does provide MoneyGram services, which are comparable to those offered by Western Union and include money orders.

You may use Western Union to transfer or receive money across locations by going to other businesses, including Walmart, Walgreens, and Rite Aid.

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