Can you split payments on Amazon? (2023)


Customers can split payments between cash, gift cards, debit cards, and credit cards at many retail establishments. Many online retailers now permit customers to split costs. Some customers might wonder if it’s possible to split payments on Amazon, though. If you have similar questions about this truth, stay reading to find out what I learned.

Can you split payments on Amazon?

If you are using a credit/debit card and an Amazon gift card to make your purchase, you can split the cost of your order on Amazon. However, split payments between two credit/debit cards are not permitted on Amazon. Buy an Amazon gift card or use an existing one to make up the second half of the split payment if you want to use two different payment methods.

How do I split a payment on Amazon with a Gift Card?

It is simple to divide the cost between a debit/credit card and an Amazon gift card.

  1. Cart up objects as you choose.
  2. Proceed to checkout.
  3. Choose the card you want to use for a portion of the payment under “Payment Method.”
  4. Put the details of your gift card where it says, “Add a gift card or promotion card or voucher.” Alternatively, you can decide how much of your remaining gift card balance to apply.
  5. The amount deducted from the gift card and credit card will be displayed in the order summary.
  6. Amazon gives an alternative through Amazon Reload if you’d rather pay with gift cards. You can designate that a specific sum of money is loaded onto the card each month, week, biweekly, or day. This can be a practical approach to saving money all year long for Christmas or birthday presents.

How To Add a Gift Card to Your Amazon Account?

An Amazon gift card is simple to buy from the Amazon website.

  • Head to the Amazon Gift Card page.
  • Choose whether you want a physical card, an eGift card, or to print your own.
  • Choose the look of the gift card. A regular pre-designed card, an animated card, or a personalized card with a photo you upload and a personalized message are all options.
  • Select the payment amount.
  • Select your preferred delivery strategy (text or email).
  • Enter the recipient’s delivery contact information.
  • Write a message.
  • Choose how many gift cards you wish to buy.
  • Decide on the delivery date. A date up to a year in the future can be chosen.
  • Add it to your cart.
  • Complete checkout and payment.

Do Amazon gift cards have a fee or expiry?

Gift cards from Amazon don’t have a cost and never expire. Amazon has previously provided rewards for gift card purchases, such as extra credit or a raise in your transaction balance as a percentage. Set up a Deal Alert to get informed when these bargains become available so you can keep an eye out for these unique specials.

Can you buy Amazon gift cards from other stores?

It is made extremely clear by Amazon that gift cards for should only be bought from authorized stores or the Amazon website. Never attempt to use an Amazon gift card to purchase goods from a retailer other than

You cannot use an Amazon gift card to purchase goods that you plan to resell, whether you are working for a company or independently. Gift certificates from Amazon cannot be moved across accounts.

Amazon Gift Card Scam Warning!

Amazon provides a list of frequent scams on its website to prevent you from being tricked into purchasing gift cards. Any retailer who tries to force you to use the card is probably a crook; Amazon will never pressure you to do so. An unsolicited phone contact from an Amazon salesperson will never seek personal information like Social Security numbers, account passwords, or gift card codes.

Can you do payment plans with Amazon orders?

If you meet the requirements, Amazon Affirm lets you create payment plans for particular purchases. For people who want to make modest monthly payments as opposed to a sizable upfront lump sum payment, this might be very beneficial. The flexible payment schedules range in length from three to 48 months. Although there isn’t a penalty for early payment, the transaction will still accrue interest. Verify the interest rates a second time to ensure that you are paying the correct amount for an item and that you can afford the monthly payments, interest included.


Customers can use a credit/debit card and an gift card to make separate payments on Customers cannot, however, split a purchase between two different credit/debit cards or prepaid credit cards on Amazon or most other websites. Customers must enter their gift card code into their accounts before applying the gift card to their order at the checkout along with their debit or credit card to utilize it to divide a purchase.


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