Commercial on Amazon Prime (2023)


Commercial on Amazon Prime

A popular video streaming platform with millions of loyal subscribers is criticized because of commercials. Amazon Prime has started supporting ads, unlike most other top and high-rated video streaming platforms. Many passionate subscribers criticized these commercials. They claim that they pay for Amazon Prime. They have subscribed to the service. After that, they see commercials on the screen, which is annoying to these people.

Is Amazon Prime ad-free?

The answer to this question is no. Amazon Prime is not ad-free. You will have to watch these ads after a certain period.

Is it contrary to what you assume from a premium service?

Amazon Prime offers many movies, TV shows, documentaries, etc. Its prime member fanbase regularly pays to watch these video streams. Despite paying for the stream, Amazon will not spare you for commercials. You will have to watch these annoying commercials.

Some other rivals and competitors of Amazon Prime, like Netflix and Hulu, offer ad-free streaming.

Why am I seeing commercials on Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime has been commercializing video streaming. Still, you have to cope with these ads. There might be many reasons why it is so, but most generally, there are specific reasons for these commercials.

  • Amazon has employed this strategy to earn more and more revenue. The original content of Amazon is shown on the screen. To trap more customers, it has started these ads on the screen. Although it has a solid customer base, it still wants to attract more customers.
  • Promotion offers can be multiplied through these ads. Subscribers may come to know what other offers are available from Amazon. 
  • All Amazon services are advertising. These services include IMDb TV( Freebee), Twitch, and Amazon Prime Video. When the other two services are advertising, there is no reason that Amazon Prime will remain far behind.

How are these Amazon Prime commercials personalized?

Commercials are personalized based on your watch history. Your preferences will be targeted.

It generates those types of commercials on your screen that are based on the content you recently watched. 

In the United States, these commercials are limited to the TV set. These pop-ups will not come on your computer, laptop, or smartphone. You can watch an ad-free stream on these devices.

What types of commercials are on Amazon Prime video streaming?

Remember that these ads will come only when you watch a free stream on Amazon Prime. These can be helpful in a way that you may see your favorite celebrities on the screen. They are taking and discussing the matter. Sometimes you may get to know a special deal at that you were waiting for. Sponsored videos come in the form of ads. These videos or ads will be placed around the recommendation or watch the next option.

Those ads containing sponsored brands can be skipped after 5 seconds, just like YouTube. These will be available at the right sidebar.

How can I control Amazon ad preferences?

The interest in Amazon ad preferences is set up when a customer shops through These interests are regularly updated according to the customer’s behavior. These interests then set specific ad preferences, which help advertisers to set different and specific advertisements according to the customer’s choice. Advertising Amazon lets advertising agents reach the customer segments. The customer segment is ad preferences. You will automatically view the kind of stuff that you like and take an interest in.

Amazon also employs these preferences to personalize recommendations in its customer app, which suggests items according to the customer’s interest and liking.

How can I stop commercials on Amazon Prime?

There are no built-in methods to stop these ads on your TV screen. Yet you can do one thing. Switch off or turn off ad preferences in the app. It will restrict Amazon from collecting and gathering your data when you visit different websites or pages. It will be able to collect data on its site only. There will be fewer chances of gathering your personalized experiences.

By using third-party apps, you can even block these ads. One of their favorite apps among them is Roku.


You can see ads during the video streams despite being a part of the Amazon Premium service. These videos may come from your ad preferences. Amazon has initiated this method to earn revenue and engage customers in deals and offers. You can control them by turning off ad preferences or using third-party apps.


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