Costco Bereavement Policy 2023


Costco Wholesale Corporation, also known as Costco, is an American-based multinational company. It has been operating different discount stores known as warehouse clubs or wholesale clubs. Inventory in bulk is sold to members at highly discounted prices.

It is headquartered in Issaquah, Washington, and operates more than 840 stores at different locations. An estimated 203,000 full-time and part-time employees are serving in these stores. Does it offer off-time benefits to employees? Does it offer bereavement leave to employees? Is bereavement leave paid at Costco? These and many related questions are being answered here. 

Costco Bereavement Policy

Costco has been offering bereavement leave to its employees. They can get three days of rest after the death of an immediate family member. The employer compensates three-day leave. Both full and part-time employees are eligible to get this paid time off. To explore more about the bereavement policy of the store, let’s start reading.

For how many days does Costco give bereavement leave?

Costco gives bereavement leave for a maximum of three days. Three-day bereavement leave is customary at most of the stores. Many large and generous retailers have employed a 3-day bereavement leave policy. The same is the case over here. Employees can get enough time to console themselves and their family members at the death of one of their loved ones. 

Does Costco compensate for bereavement leave?

Yes, this truly happens. The company compensates bereavement leave for those employees who want to have time off to sob at the death of their family member. 

Who is eligible to get bereavement leave at Costco?

At some other stores, Bereavement leave is only given to full-time employees. Those employees who are working part-time look for alternatives. Sometimes part-time employees have to use their paid time off. But Costco has been offering bereavement leave to both full and part-time employees. This is one of the great advantages of working at Costco. Conversely, seasonal employees are not eligible to get this leave.

Managers, HQ, and Store staff are allowed to request this leave.

Who is an immediate family member, according to Costco?

This paid time off is only for that deceased member who was an immediate relative to the employee. The US Office of Personal Management has categorized immediate family members for whom an employee is entitled to bereavement leave. Here are those members being mentioned.

  • Spouses
    • or it might be a same-sex or opposite-sex partner
  • Parents
    •  parents-in-law, adopted or foster parents, guardian
  • Children
    • Which might be a step or foster children
  • Siblings
    • Half or step-siblings
  • Grandparents are included in the immediate family
  • Grandchildren fall in an immediate family member.

What documentation is needed to prove the death of an immediate family member?

Documentation is needed to get the employee authorized for the paid leave. Sometimes Costco requires a death certificate or a copy of the death certificate. Usually, it asks for an obituary or funeral evidence. They might ask for the details of the relationship between the employee and the person or some other things you have to provide to get paid leave.

How can I extend bereavement leave at Costco?

Generally, you are bound to come to the store and join your duty after three days. But in some cases, employees want a little more time to enable them to enter their duty again. In this case, they can directly conversate with Human Resources or the store manager. The extended time off is not paid at the store.  

Costco Employee Handbook;

New Costco employees are given a handbook in which every guideline regarding the job position is mentioned. They can also get to know when and how they request leave. They can also search for policies regarding bereavement leave.

What does the legislation say about bereavement leave?

United States Federal Law does not force retailers to give bereavement leave. Yet they more generously provide them to employees. Costco is giving this time off without any enforcement of federal laws.

According to research by the Society Of Human Resource Management, 88% of retailers give bereavement leave to employees.

Costco Employee Benefits

Besides providing bereavement leave, it does offer many other benefits to employees working in the store. Some of them are mentioned here.

  • Parental leave
  • Sick leave
  • Paid time off
  • Health insurance, including dental and eye coverage
  • Breaks during working hours which are also paid
  • Educational expenses such as tuition fee

Costco Employee Pay Stub

An employee can keep a detailed record of his pay at the company. His salary is mentioned on the pay stub. This slip can be downloaded from the website, or employees can get it from the managerial staff. This slip helps to know about the tax and pay deduction in case of leave, such as bereavement leave.


Costco has been offering 3-day bereavement leave to its employees, which is compensated and paid by the employer. They can extend the period, which will not be spent. Moreover, employees must provide details or documents as evidence of the deceased.


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