Costco Employee Discount: Updated Guide of 2022

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Costco is an American wholesale corporation working across different nations. It is known for frequently changing inventory over time. It has been attracting customers to low-priced inventory. Most of the Costco stores have gas stations, pharmacies, sunglass centers, tire garages, liquor stores, and many other departments. It collects a large part of its income through a membership program having $118.9 million members.

Besides giving discounts and perks to its customers, ‘Does it offer any discount to its employees?’

Does Costco offer employee discounts?

The employees working in the store purchase and shop like any other customer. They are not given a discount on the item they purchase. They shop in a routine as other customers do. This doesn’t mean they don’t get any advantage of employment. Costco is one of the stores paying well to the employees. Employees get gift cards to get many of the store’s advantages. Costco offers them free membership, health benefits, and insurance pays extra on Sundays and gives them bonuses and Turkey time. Employees working in Costco stores can enjoy holidays. They also get paid time off.  

Although it does not provide direct discounts on the items in its store, it gives indirect and huge discounts to its employees.

Costco offers above the minimum wage;

It offers above the national baseline of an average salary of $15.

As of 2021, it has been offering $17 per hour to the assistant working in its store. Even a meat cutter earns up to $18.50. It gives $25 per hour to the pharmacist. As compared to the competitors, it has been offering above minimum wages. Specialists get a salary according to their specialization. Workers are employed to work as an assistant to opticians. In case an employee works on Sunday his wage rises significantly. Those employees who are working for 6-8 years earn up to $26 to $28 per hour.

Costco gives free membership to employees;

A regular customer has to pay $120 for an executive membership and $60 for a Costco standard membership. Customers purchase this membership to utilize a wide variety of items at discounted prices. Although it does not offer discounts on products for the employees, it gives free membership to the employees working in its stores. An employee is given 4 memberships. 1 membership is utilized by the employee and 3 can be used by anyone near him.

Costco provides health benefits and insurance to its employees;

According to Glassdoor, those employees who have worked for more than 180 consecutive days and more than 23 hours per week are eligible to avail of this program. An employee can get dental and vision insurance. He is also eligible to get his prescription filled by them. In this insurance plan, an employee has to pay 60% of the charges, the remaining 40% is paid by Costco. He can also choose one of the health plans, which suits him. A family dental check-up is also included in the insurance where they can get basic treatment for the teeth.

You have a seasonal work option at Costco;

Although most of the perks are for a full-time worker, you may find an opportunity to work at Costco when the holidays set in. There is a great demand for employees to serve a huge amount of customers who come to fetch discounts and deals. Costco announces seasonal employees for the probationary period of 90 days. This announcement starts in October and ends in January.

Costco paid time policy does not suck;

This benefit is nothing to scoff at. After years of employment, an employee starts accumulating paid time off. If an employee has worked for one year and worked 2000 hours of paid time, that’s the point where an accumulation of PTO starts. In case a customer has worked for one year, he is eligible for 1 week of PTO. 2 weeks of PTO are offered to a person who is working for 2-4 years. 3 weeks of PTO is allotted to a person who is working for 5-9 years. 4 weeks PTO to employees having 10-14 years of working experience in Costco. 5 weeks PTO is allocated to an employee having 15 plus years of working experience.

Employees are given free Turkey by Costco;

Costco also dedicates a part of a holiday meal. Employees get a free Turkey at the time of Thanksgiving. Sometimes it happens that they do not want to avail of it, then free Turkey is given to charity. They also get the benefits of monthly and yearly bonuses. Life at Costco is not a useless choice!

Costco pays extra on Sundays;

Base pay at an hourly rate is good at Costco. But employees are provided with the opportunity to work on Sunday and earn more. Working on Sunday can considerably increase pay. Working on Sunday helps to earn time and a half. Weekly hourly rates jump up from $15 to $16.50 per hour by working on Sunday. Any employee can get benefits from the busy days of the store to hike his income. 

Costco offers a generous 104(k) match;

One of the easiest ways to save one’s salary for retirement is to contribute to 401(k). Setting aside a certain amount of pay before the income tax applies, helps you save for retirement. A 50% match is offered by Costco if your contributions are up to $500 per year. Costco will add $500 if you become able to add $1000 per year to your 104(k) account. In case an employee quits the job before 5 years, all contributions by the employer will be rescinded.

An employee can shop after working hours at Costco;

According to employees working at Costco, they get different perks. They also get gift cards. They can even shop when there are 0 customers which helps them prevent standing in a lane and also they can avoid shopping in a rush.


Although employees have to shop like customers at Costco, they have many other perks to avail. They can get health insurance and a long PTO. Costco has a generous 104(k) match. By working on Sunday they can significantly increase their pay. A lot of other facilities are provided by Costco to its employees.


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