Costco Executive Membership Hours: Your Guide of 2022

Costco Executive Membership Hours
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Customers who purchase a Costco Executive Membership enjoy various benefits, including access to members-only specials and wholesale rates. But you must be wondering whether Costco offers executive membership hours or not. Keep reading to find out.

Does Costco offer executive membership hours?

No! Unfortunately, the executive Committee Costco hours benefit has been discontinued, so executive members will no longer have extra time to shop. Costco hours executive membership was initially a one-of-a-kind benefit for members of that tier. Nonetheless, it appears to have been gradually phased out of many stores since 2015, and it will be gone by 2022 when the practice is phased out.

Do Executive Members Get a Head Start at Costco?

With a Costco executive membership, you used to get an hour of early access. This advantage allows you to shop in a store with fewer customers and more time and space without waiting in long lines to pay. All members, however, are now treated equally.

What are the opening timings of Costco?

Every consumer, regardless of the corporate hierarchy, will be able to enter at 10:00 a.m. every day and 9:30 a.m. on weekends – the business membership hours — including Saturday mornings.

Do all Costco stores open at the same time?

No! This varies by location. Many businesses will open earlier, in that case, to allow buyers to do their last-minute shopping. On a busy day, some warehouses prefer to open 15 minutes earlier. Assume that the day before Christmas falls on a Saturday.

What is the Executive Membership at Costco?

Executive Members receive an annual 2% Reward on qualifying Costco,, and Costco Travel purchases. The Executive Membership is a high-tier Costco membership that costs an extra $60 for customers who do not shop there frequently. You also sign up your spouse for the same plan.

What Are the Advantages of a Costco Executive Membership?

Due to changes in business policy, customers who upgrade to the Executive Membership may not receive an extra hour of shopping time, but there are other benefits. These members will receive the following benefits: 

  • Extra Service Savings.
  • Promotions with low prices are available exclusively for you.
  • Two percent Cashback.

How can you save money in services while being a Costco Executive Member?

You can save money on services for your car, home, and business by taking advantage of these incredible discounts for Executive Members. These include discounts on services such as vehicle servicing and insurance, real estate programs to fund your purchase or sale, and mortgage loans.

Do you get cashback on purchases at Costco while being an executive member?

Yes! One of this card’s best features is the ability to earn two percent Cashback on purchases. The additional $60 per year will be applied to this tier, and you must spend at least $3000 per year.

Does the cashback apply to all Costco executive member purchases?

No! Two percent is applied to almost all purchases except liquor and tobacco. An Executive Membership is an additional $60 upgrade fee a year. Each includes a free Household Card. Please have sales tax in all applicable states. Members who upgrade for a partial year will be charged a prorated upgrade fee.

Is a 2% reward eligible in all states?

No! The 2% reward is not eligible in Australia, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Spain, Taiwan, Iceland, China, France, and the U.K.

How can you upgrade the membership?

The Primary Member or Account Manager of an existing membership may upgrade to the Executive membership in one of the following ways:

  • Online
  • In Person 
  • By Phone

How can you upgrade your membership online?

You can upgrade your membership online the following way:

  • Sign in or register on
  • Visit account details. 
  • Once your membership has been verified, you may upgrade your membership.

How can you upgrade your Costco membership in person?

You can visit any Costco membership counter, and they will guide you accordingly.

How can you upgrade your Costco membership on call?

You can call member services at 1-800-774-2678 and give them details about your queries.

Can you get a refund for membership fees?

Yes! Costco will cancel and refund membership fees if a member is dissatisfied.

When to expect a 2% Reward Certificate?

Two months before the member’s annual renewal date, the 2% Reward Certificate is mailed with the renewal notice. 

Will the members who reversed their executive status receive a reward?

No! Members who reverse their Executive status will forfeit all accumulated rewards. There are no prorated rewards.


Costco provides its executive customers with thrilling offers like 2 percent rewards, promotions, service charges, and many more. But executive members are not available anymore with the service of having different hours just for themselves.


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