Costco Gas Hours: (Days, Holidays, Membership, and more)

Costco Gas Hours
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Costco has been operating Gas at its gas stations for a long time. Millions of customers benefit from the number of Costco gas stations situated throughout the United States. A lot of people are seen asking questions related to Costco gas station hours so that they may save time by visiting the gas station at the proper time. Usually, there is a chance that Costco gas stations remain open for 24 hours yet you may know the Costco gas stations’ opening and closing schedule. 

Costco Gas Hours

Costco gas stations vary according to the region. The market trend has also an influence on determining the opening and closing hours of Costco gas stations. Hours may fluctuate because of the season and holidays. Most basically, Costco remains open from 6 am to 9 pm during the weekdays. On weekends, time may slightly differ. Gas stations open from 7 am to 8 pm on Saturday, remaining open 13 hours a day. While on Sunday it remains open for 12 hours of the day, opening from 7 am to 7 pm.

On which days do Costco gas stations remain closed?

Usually, Costco gas stations remain open on most days while on some holidays, it is closed throughout the day. Here are some holidays on which Costco has stations that remain closed.

  • On January 1, when it is New Year’s Day, Costco gas stations remain closed.
  • On April 17, Easter Sunday, the Costco gas station will be closed.
  • On Memorial Day, on May 30, the Costco gas station will be closed.
  • On July 4, which is marked as Independence Day, gas stations remain closed.
  • On September 5 which is marked as Labour Day, Costco gas stations remain closed.
  • On Thanksgiving Day, it remains closed.
  • On December 25, on Christmas Day, Costco gas stations remain open.

On which holidays do Costco gas stations remain open?

The following days are still marked as holidays in the United States, yet Costco gas stations do not close on these days.

  • On January 17, which is marked by Martin Luther King’s Day, this gas station remains open.
  • February 21/President’s Day
  • April 15/Good Friday 
  • October 10/Coulomb’s Day
  • November 11/Veterans Day
  • November 24/ Black Friday
  • December 24/Christmas Evening 

How can I find Costco gas hours near me?

Costco gas hours may deviate depending on numerous reasons. Different commonwealths have slightly varied hours. Marketing trends may provoke them to slightly change Costco gas hours. In order to avert any trouble, you may find gas hours at your nearest Costco gas station.

Let me tell you how to find the nearest Costco gas hours. 

  • Visiting Costco app/website is the first walk
  • A locator is provided on the website. 
  • By entering the appropriate information like the name of the city and its zip code will help to locate nearby stores and display information about it
  • You can also visit the official website for further assistance.

What is the best time in a day to visit Costco gas station?

One of the things for which Costco gas station is infamous is the long lines. You may find it troublesome to wait for your turn. You can visit the store during off-peak hours which are from late morning to noon. Just go ahead towards the Costco gas station within this time.

Do you need a membership to fill out gas at Costco gas station?

Regardless of the cheap prices at Costco gas stations, you have to know the facts that you must be a subscriber of the company before buying Gas from the station. It offers cheap prices of high-quality gas to its members. 

You may be charged $60 per year for the subscription to the membership.

In case you do not travel much, consider the membership fee before paying the charges.

How can I pay for gas at Costco gas station?

Costco gas stations accept some of the methods of payment. Here are those payment methods by which you can purchase Costco gas.

  • Credit card (not master card)
  • Debit card
  • Emix
  • Costco Digital subscription card

Some other contactless payment methods are also acceptable in Costco gas stations. You can use one of them

  • Apple Pay
  • Android Pay
  • Google Pay

What is Costco’s gas quality?

As some people seem to know, the answer to the question “Is Costco gas harmful to the engine of your vehicle?’

The answer is obviously no.

Costco is selling top-tier gasoline quality. It is one of the gas stations which offers high-quality gasoline to its members.

At which time Costco customer service desk is available?

Costco has employed safety attendants. Their attendants are available on all stations. You can find them anytime during the Costco gas hours.

What other things you should know before visiting Costco gas station?

You must know some cons of the Costco gas station before buying Gas at Costco gas station.

You must be a paid member before buying Gas at Costco gas station.

You aren’t allowed to purchase gas with cash. Only limited payment methods are acceptable.

You have to wait in long lines in the gas station which may consume your golden time.


Costco gas stations are being run throughout the United States with a chain of gas stations. It usually remains open from 6 am to 9 pm on weekdays. While on weekends the hours may differ slightly. Regardless of the cheap prices at Costco gas station, it charges an annual fee from its members.


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