Costco Mattress Return Policy: (Opened Mattress, Without Receipt, and more)

Costco Mattress Return Policy: (Opened Mattress, Without Receipt, and more)
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Costco sells a surprisingly large and reasonably priced selection of furniture, including couches, tables, and mattresses. If you’ve ever shopped at Costco, you know they have some of the best deals. Beds are one of their most popular items. They sell them lowly and have a simple Costco mattress return policy. If you want to learn more about this exceptional service at Costco, keep reading this article!

What is Costco’s mattress return policy?

Mattresses are no exception to Costco’s one of the most lenient return policies among big-box stores. As of 2022, Costco will accept returns of mattresses, memory foam, and air mattresses with or without a receipt. Customers can return their mattresses to Costco if they are dissatisfied with the product or have changed their minds because Costco offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you require assistance with your mattress return, including issues with vehicle size constraints, you can contact your local warehouse, and they will schedule removal assistance. 

Is it possible to return an opened mattress to Costco?

Though many companies have stricter rules for unpackaged mattresses, you can return an opened mattress to Costco without issue.

Because customers frequently need to try out the mattress to see if it meets their needs, Costco accepts mattresses returned without regard for the original packaging.

What is the time limit for returning a mattress to Costco?

Unlike other retailers, Costco does not enforce a 9-month time limit on mattress returns. Costco’s satisfaction policy covers mattresses, so there are no time limits on how long you can return the item after purchasing it.

If the mattress is clearly used and was purchased some time ago, the employees at the returns counter may raise an eyebrow. If this is the case, it may be up to the store manager’s discretion to accept the mattress return.

Furthermore, suppose you bought a memory foam or shape-conforming mattress. In that case, it may take you longer to realize the material isn’t comfortable or working for you because these mattresses take longer to settle when laid on. Costco’s open return policy comes in handy in this case, as many customers have completed returns months after purchase with no problems.

Is It Possible To Return A Mattress To Costco Online?

Yes! Costco’s website makes it simple to return a mattress. If you are unhappy with your mattress, request a return or replacement online. Log in to your Costco account and select the Orders & Returns portal, then follow the prompts to receive a return label and schedule a pickup from your home. 

Costco will email you additional instructions for extra-large or difficult items. Returning items will not cost you anything extra because your refund will include all shipping and handling fees.

Is it possible to return a mattress to Costco without a receipt?

Yes! You can return any product, including mattresses, to Costco without the original receipt. Please bring your membership card because the returns desk will need it to review your purchase history and process your refund.

Returning your mattress to Costco does not require the original packaging, but all parts and included accessories must be present. 

Can you have someone else return your mattress to Costco on your behalf?

No, unless they are listed as household members on your membership, other people cannot return mattresses for you. As with all Costco returns, the membership cardholder who purchased the mattress must be the one to replace it.

Returns by other people are exempt if the mattress was purchased as a gift by the membership cardholder. The recipient can return the bed as a gift return in that case, but they will need the purchaser’s membership card number. 

Will Your Mattress Return Be Refunded?

Yes, Absolutely! The returns department at Costco will process your refund as soon as possible. If you have returned the mattress to the store, the refund will be processed as quickly as possible and credited to the original payment method.

Alternatively, you can have your refund processed into cash or Costco cash cards for the same amount, which both members and non-members can use. Some items will require additional processing time before a refund is issued if you return your mattress online. 

Furthermore, your refund will not be processed until a Costco carrier picks up the mattress from your home and delivers it to the depot. However, refunds should appear on your purchasing card within 30 days of the request.

How will I get my refund?

The refund will then be issued as Costco cash cards.


Costco accepts mattress returns in-store or online, depending on your purchase. Refunds are processed quickly, and there is no time limit for returning beds. You don’t even need the receipt. You can bring your Costco membership card when you return the mattress, and the return desk will handle the rest.


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