Do Big Lots Pay Weekly? (2023)


Big Lots is an American retail company working in more than 47 states in the US. More than 22,900 employees work in more than 1404 stores. Its main subsidiaries include PNS Stores Inc, Midwestern Home Products, Inc, and Durant DC, LLC.

CSC Distribution Inc, AVDC, LLC, etc. It has many shop departments, household accessories, paper, cleaning items, vacuums, and other cleaning necessities, and many other products that can be bought from the store.

Do Big Lots Pay Weekly?

Yes, Big Lots pay its employees every week. It has a weekly payment policy. Employees at Big Lots can earn their hourly wages each week on Friday. There are some exceptions in this case. Newly hired employees must wait two weeks before their weekly wage payout begins. After that, their pay schedule will run like any other employee at Big Lots.

On what day does Big Lots pay its employees? 

As the employees are paid weekly, there is a fixed day when Big Lots pay its employees. The day on which employees are paid at Big Lots is Friday. According to employee reviews on different platforms, companies discharge wages on Fridays.

Do Big Lots hold the first paycheck?

Yes, there is certainly a situation in which the company holds the first paycheck. This policy is applied to newly hired employees. In case of violation, the newly hired employee is fired immediately without payment. Moreover, he is prohibited from getting the first paycheck if he commits any illegal activity. After two weeks, they are given wages of two weeks. After that, they will continue to receive weekly pay as other employees receive.

Big Lots Pay Policy 

Although hourly wages differ based on position and experience at the store. So every employee receives his income based on the situation in which he works at the store. Some of the average hourly wages at Big Lots are given below.

  • The minimum wage at Big Lots is $10 per hour.
  • The hourly pay for a cashier is $10 at Big Lots.
  • Similarly, a stocker earns an average wage of $10.
  • Sales associates working at Big Lots make up to $10.
  • Retail Associate assistant manager working at Big Lots earns an average pay of $17 per hour.
  • Similarly, merchandise coordinators receive an average salary of $17.

Big Lots Pay Raise Policy

Entirely depending on the performance and reviews of employees, they are given a raise. Studies from Big Lots employees suggest that they get yearly wage raises. It also depends on the position of the employees.

Big Lots Pay On Demand Policy

The pay-on-demand policy has made it easier for employees to get instant pay. They can get paid for those days they have worked. Both new and former employees are eligible to demand this payment. This is mandatory for the store management to pay on demand.

Big Lot’s partnership with DailyPay

Big Lots have been offering incentives to its employees, like daily pay. It means that employees can get daily payments. This facility has been provided by Big Lots corporation with DailyPay.

Moreover, the associate can do only three transactions per day. 

Big Lots Job Benefits 

If you are thinking of Big Lots as the next destination of your career. They get medical benefits.

  • Medical like vision and dental insurance.
  • Flexible Spending Accounts
  • Health Savings Account
  • Company paid Associate Life and AD&D
  • Company-paid Family Life Insurance
  • Supplemental Life Insurance
  • Short Term Disability
  • Long Term Disability (Salaried associates only)
  • Identity Theft Protection
  • Pet Insurance
  • Hospital Indemnity
  • Critical Illness
  • 401(k) and employer matching
  • Tuition Reimbursement
  • Paid sick days
  • Associate merchandise discount
  • Discounts on mobile service and products and many others.


Big Lots have been paying its employees every week. New employees have to face some delays in pay. The payment will be released on Friday. Big Lots have initiated several facilities to help customers. They can get on-demand compensation. The company has also incorporated DailyPay to give them more advantages.


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