Does a dollar tree pay weekly? 2023 (All you need to know)


Working out a payment plan will influence how you pay your bills and how much money you can save each month. Of course, your salary for the position will play a role, but more on that later.

You could apply for various positions in the retail sector, but the question remains: Does Dollar Tree Pay Weekly? How much does Dollar Tree pay its employees, what benefits can they expect, and what are their weekly and yearly earnings? Stay tuned; we have all the details you need.

Does a dollar tree pay weekly?

No! As of 2022, Dollar Tree will pay its employees biweekly or every two weeks. The pay period ends on the second week’s Saturday, and payment is made the following Friday. Dollar Tree also gives its employees small raises on an annual basis.

How Much Do Dollar Tree Employees Get Paid Weekly?

A Dollar Tree employee earns about $424 per week. Nonetheless, many companies in the United States pay their employees every two weeks, and Dollar Tree is no exception. Dollar Tree employees can expect to earn around $849 biweekly.

What is the annual salary at Dollar Tree?

Dollar Tree wages vary depending on the job and location of the employee. Furthermore, estimates of a Dollar Tree employee’s annual salary typically exclude vacations, holidays, days off, and sick days.

A Dollar Tree employee can earn around $22,069 annually based on the most recent average hourly wage.

How Much Do Dollar Tree Cashiers Get Paid?

A Dollar Tree cashier’s hourly wage is typical $10 per hour. According to the Dollar Tree salary report, the range is $8-$13 per hour after bonuses and repayment.

What Is The Dollar Tree Minimum Wage?

The federal minimum wage in the United States is currently $7.25 per hour. Dollar Tree pays new employees more than the federal minimum wage of $8.32-$8.63 per hour.

What Is the Highest-Paying Position at Dollar Tree?

The managing manufacturer earns the most money at Dollar Tree, earning $90,019 annually. Assistant and retail store managers make $9-$14 per hour and are among the higher-paying jobs at Dollar Tree.

What Is the Lowest-Paying Position at Dollar Tree?

The cashiers earn the least, earning $23,443 per year.

Is it better to work at Dollar Tree during the holidays?

No! Unfortunately, working during the holidays does not pay more at Dollar Tree. Employees should remember that even if Dollar Tree offers a bonus, it is only worth $1 or $1.50 (per hour) for working on holidays.

Does Dollar Tree provide vacation and sick leave?

Yes! Dollar Tree’s generous PTO policy is well-known among employees. According to employees, Dollar Tree provides up to ten paid vacation and sick days per year.

Is there a difference in paid vacations of a new employee and an old one?

No! It should be noted that paid time does not vary depending on how long an employee has been with Dollar Tree. As a result, someone who just started working at Dollar Tree will receive the same paid vacation days as someone who has been there for 2-5 years.

Can I get a raise at Dollar Tree?

Yes! Dollar Tree gives out small raises every year. Furthermore, it hires additional workers during the holiday season and pays them more than regular employees.

What are the benefits provided by dollar tree to its employees? 

These are the perks that Dollar Tree provides to its employees:

  1. Medical.
  2. Dental.
  3. Vision insurance.
  4. Insurance for life and disability.
  5. Program for Wellness.
  6. 401(k).
  7. Stock purchase plan with paid time off.

Even though these benefits are listed on the company’s official website, employee feedback is mixed. While some employees praise the company for its blessings, others complain about management failing to follow established rules and conditions regarding PTO, holidays, and hourly pay.

Is PTO paid by Dollar Tree when you quit?

Unless and until the law requires it, Dollar Tree will not issue PTO. Don’t hesitate to ask your HR representative for assistance if you decide to leave Dollar Tree.

How many hours must you work to become a full-time Dollar Tree employee?

The hours needed to become a full-time employee at Dollar Tree are forty-eight. A full-time employee is entitled to the same benefits as a part-time worker but must work less than thirty hours per week. 

Part-time employees typically work shifts of four to five hours. On the other hand, part-time employees are not eligible for benefits such as paid time off until a law requires it.


Dollar Tree pays its employees biweekly, or every two weeks, on the other Friday. Dollar Tree employees earn good money at a rate higher than the federal minimum wage, with an average hourly wage of $10. It also provides vacation days and sick leaves to its workers. Dollar Tree thinks the best for its employees by giving them yearly raises. 


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