Does Amazon Offer Relocation Assistance In 2023?


There are numerous advantages and benefits to the Amazon Relocation Package. You can migrate to Seattle and be allowed to take part in a particular selection procedure. You could use this to get a job at Amazon and take advantage of the benefits.

Employees at Amazon have access to a program that pays for moving costs. The costs are between $20K and $40K. Starting in 2022, you can pay fees in one lump sum or monthly. The remuneration package for the new employee may include this program under certain conditions. It is not limited to domestic moves but also to activities across international borders.

Does Amazon Offer Relocation Assistance for Employees?

If you have ever worked for a major US corporation, you are probably used to employees moving to a new area receiving relocation help. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Amazon helps staff move. Currently, Amazon provides two alternatives for moving support:

  • Lump Sum.
  • Moving Package.

What Is the Amazon Relocation Assistance Lump Sum?

Employees in this situation are given a single payment that can be applied to any moving-related costs. The average lump amount at Amazon with tax benefits is roughly $20,000.

How Much Is the Average Amazon Relocation Package, and What Does It Include?

With the help of relocation packages from Amazon, new workers are given money to pay for moving costs as well as relocation-related expenses. The following costs are some of those that the Amazon relocation package covers:

  • Travel expenditures.
  • Moving expenses (moving vans, hiring a moving crew, etc.)
  • Momentary home rentals.
  • Car rental.

An Amazon employee receives between $20K and $40K for every mile traveled. This sum also included realtor assistance, many months’ living costs in most places, and standard moving charges like renting a moving vehicle. However, renters frequently need to downsize in cities with higher living costs, like Seattle, to make money last longer.

Does Amazon Pay Relocation Assistance for International Moves?

Amazon also pays for relocation help for international movements and state-to-state moves. Previous workers claim that besides offering up to $40K in relocation assistance, Amazon will assist with booking a trip to the US, arranging transportation, and locating housing. Additional cash may be made available for other incidental expenses depending on seniority.

What Is the Process for Applying for Amazon Relocation Assistance?

Relocation packages are negotiable, so consider what you’ll need as you relocate and settle in your new place. An example email to an Amazon recruiter regarding relocation aid is provided below:Subject: Relocation Costs good Morning [Their Name],

I am so excited to join the Amazon team and move to Frisco! After reviewing the move’s associated expenses, $20k will cover it.

Let’s chat to review this and reassess it. Let me know a good time for you, and we will schedule a quick chat.

Warm Regards,

[Your Name]

Do Amazon Employees Have to Pay Back Relocation Assistance Costs?

When Amazon pays for the relocation of a new employee, it does so in the hope that the individual will work for the company for a considerable amount of time. Employees could occasionally find themselves in a position where they later regret their decision or get fired. Employees must reimburse the relocation fees at a prorated rate if they quit their employment before one year or don’t move.

Is It Considered Bad for Employees to Ask for Relocation Assistance?

There is nothing wrong with requesting relocation aid if you have extenuating circumstances, even if new Amazon employees might feel awkward doing so. Relocation help is part of an employee’s benefits package, so keep that in mind. Since Amazon wants highly competent workers, the corporation is prepared to pay them generously and provide transportation assistance. Therefore, anyone who wants to work at Amazon should be comfortable seeking help.

But keep in mind to only request what is required. An employee shouldn’t ask for $40K and pocket the difference if a move costs $25K in assistance. Using money would be much better than merely requesting it when required.


Amazon has created an employee relocation program to assist new hires with the process and help them manage the stress of relocating while starting a new job. Several packages are offered through Amazon’s relocation assistance program to aid employees in covering moving-related costs.


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