Does Amazon Own Audible? (2023)


Being a giant retailer with more than 100 inquisitions, it has been involved in buying more and more companies. Many companies are owned by Amazon, such as kindle books, Whole Foods Market, etc. These companies are involved in serving customers in different niches. Besides them, you may think of another company known as Audible, which is owned by Amazon or not. Let’s explore the correct answer.

Does Amazon Own Audible?

The straightforward answer to this question is yes. Amazon owns Audible. Aiming to bolster the audiobook offering, it decided to own Audible for $300.It has also signed with other major audio companies like Vivendi’s Universal Music Group and Warner Group Corp.¬†Audible has improved customers’ shopping experience by providing them with various audiobooks. After it owned Audible, Amazon became the largest audiobook seller and creator. Audible has coverage of up to 80,000 programs. These programs or audiobooks have audio from authors such as Stephen King and Jane Austen.

Did Audible originally owned by Amazon?

No, Audible was not owned by Amazon originally. Donald Katz founded this company in 1995. At that time, it was known for the audiobooks and audio tech industry. Customers were allowed to download audiobooks after the first release of Audible Player in 1997. Customers were allowed to download these audiobooks directly into their played media. It remains as it is till 2013. After that, it started an initiative with Apple. The deal with Apple needed to be more communicative. In 2008, Amazon purchased the company.

Why Amazon-owned Audible?

Amazon decided to buy digital audiobooks from Audible to expand more and more. To enhance audiobook sales across the world, audible was owned by Amazon. Audible contains many digital downloads for music. One year of the acquisition of Audible by Amazon, it released Kindle. Amazon wanted that the audible book must be integral to Kindle. After that, Amazon set a deal with Audible to become an exclusive provider of audiobooks and music and to boost its music library.

 How Audible earns money for Amazon?

Audible is a source of income for Amazon. It has acquired by Amazon due to different factors such as subscription fees. 

  • Amazon has been charging customers a membership fee. This fee is paid monthly, earning high revenue for the company. 
  • The app contained different features, such as ads, that economize the company’s revenue.
  • When audiobooks are sold to customers, they earn revenue for customers.
  • Amazon sells these audiobooks to customers. Sometimes these audiobooks are signed by different celebrities. A lot of enthusiastic customers buy them at once.

What are Audible-compatible devices?

Most of the Amazon brand devices are compatible with Audible. You can buy Amazon devices from the website and store. Moreover, you have a Kindle keyboard and audio software for PC and Mac computers. In that case, you can have access to these audiobooks. MP3 players and other audio players are compatible with Audible. You can use any of them to listen to audiobooks and save them on your phone or computer. 

What to do if my device is incompatible with Audible?

Suppose you have a device other than the Amazon brand or do not have the mentioned devices. In that case, you can use another method to listen to these audiobooks. You can visit and listen to them. You must be using a PC or Mac computer.

Is Audible added to the prime membership program?

Amazon has not added this option to Prime membership. It does not matter if the person is prime or non-prime; he must have subscribed to Audible service to listen to those audiobooks. They have to buy another Membership program to listen to these audiobooks. They can buy one monthly subscription for $15. Moreover, Amazon has been offering them one credit for a free audiobook which will be used in their next purchase of audiobooks.


Amazon has bought Audible for $300 million. This company has multiple features for audiobooks. You can subscribe to this service by paying $15 monthly to listen to audiobooks.


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