Does Amazon Own Kohl’s? (2023)


Kohl’s is a retail bond operated by Kohl’s in the United States. Their offerings include clothing, footwear, decor, electronics, cosmetics, and housewares. Amazon owns many small businesses and large corporations, including Whole Foods, books, Audible, and many others. They constitute a significant market player. However, some customers are perplexed as to whether Amazon owns Kohls’s. Continue reading if you want to know the same thing.

Does Amazon Own Kohl’s?

No! Amazon does not own Kohl’s. The two companies have had a partnership since 2019 that allows Amazon customers to process returns for unwanted packages at their local Kohl’s using an Amazon kiosk. In addition, Kohl’s sells various Amazon products, allowing both companies to profit.

Is Kohl’s connected With Amazon?

Kohl’s previously purchased house brand products from Amazon, but since this agreement was reached, they have begun to stock and advertise Amazon products under their own Kohl’s name. Amazon created an entire business model that did not even require drivers to get this off the ground. They established a network of customers who would pick up and deliver their packages in order to save money on the drivers they would need to hire to ship all of their parcels. They were able to turn a profit in a short period by keeping their costs low.

Why Did Amazon Team Up With Kohls?

Amazon and Kohl’s collaborated to increase foot traffic into Kohl’s stores, and the company is performing well in the market. Customers were less likely to visit the company’s standalone stores, even though they were smaller, so the company considered incorporating them into existing malls. While Kohl’s growth has slowed in the last five years, its expansion has been consistent, and it will remain popular as it continues to add new and inexpensive finds to its stores. The store is expanding its offerings with new shopping sections and additional departments while maintaining low prices. Even with this new partnership, it does not intend to deviate from its core mission. Amazon has reaped significant benefits from having a package return center in Kohl’s locations. For example, having a package return center allows Kohls’s to save money on shipping and reduce its carbon footprint.

Does Kohl’s profit from Amazon returns?

Kohl’s does not profit from customers who purchase their products from Amazon. They agreed with Amazon that they would not benefit directly from them. Kohls’s uses the Amazon referral system to entice their customers to return to Kohls’s. When a customer brings an Amazon package to Kohls’s, the store will issue a Kohls’s coupon, which the customer can use on other merchandise at Kohls’s. An Amazon employee stated that they do pay Kohl’s a small fee to deliver packages through the Kohl’s store. Because Amazon has more money than Kohl’s, they will always have more money. As a result, Kohl’s profits from its Amazon returns kiosk by increasing foot traffic to its store.

What does Kohls receive from Amazon?

The extra stock moved from the Amazon warehouse to the Kohl’s warehouse is all Amazon brands sold on Amazon. Kohls stated via email that Amazon package returns had significantly impacted the store, bringing in approximately 2 million more customers in the last year alone.

Was Amazon Supposed to Purchase Kohls?

It’s no secret that Amazon wants to get into retail. Without a doubt, Amazon would like to acquire Kohl’s and integrate them into its retail network. Many obstacles would have to be overcome before this could happen. According to the sources, Amazon’s leadership has always been wary of Kohl’s business model and how that franchise has always been far behind the curve. Amazon can only become a retail behemoth by acquiring other retailers with well-established brands and reputations. Acquisitions like Kohls’s would not help Amazon establish itself as a retailing behemoth.

Can an Amazon order be returned to any Kohl’s location?

Yes! Returning an Amazon order to any Kohl’s location except for Alaska is possible. You can return your Amazon order to any Kohl’s place in the United States.

Is it necessary to pay for Amazon returns at Kohl’s?

No! Amazon returns are free at Kohl.


The Amazon Returns Center is a service that assists customers with in-store returns. This service makes it easier for Amazon to collect and process returns. Amazon sells a variety of name-brand products to Kmart and Sears customers. Amazon hopes that the sale of the Fire TV Stick will increase traffic to their stores and help them meet sales targets.


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