Does Amazon own the Ring? (2023)


Some customers are wondering whether Amazon owns Ring because of Amazon’s history of buying companies. If you have the same question, keep reading to find out.

Does Amazon own the Ring?

Yes! Amazon purchased the Ring security system company in 2018 and has been Ring’s parent company ever since. Amazon paid approximately $1.2 billion to $1.8 billion for the company and has added the security system to their line-up of innovative technology, installing the device in customers’ homes and providing efficient security assistance.

Was Amazon the original owner of Ring?

No! Amazon did not create the Ring brand; instead, it was created by Jamie Siminoff, who invented the device initially known as Doorbot. The Doorbot was originally pitched for investment on an episode of the reality television show Shark Tank. Still, Jamie Siminoff declined the offer and rebranded the company to Ring shortly after his television appearance.

When did Amazon buy the Ring?

Amazon acquired Ring as the brand’s parent company in 2018 and now owns all products and services under the Ring brand, including the doorbell system, Always Home Camera, and all other Ring products.

When was Ring released?

The Ring security system was first made available to the public in 2013 as Doorbot. Christie Street crowdfunded the Ring invention, which received USD 364,000.

How was the Ring doing before Amazon?

Before Amazon acquired the Ring, the company had raised more than $200 million in investment and had an estimated value of $1.2 to $1.8 billion by 2018, when Amazon purchased the company.

Why Did Amazon Purchase the Ring?

  • Amazon purchased Ring to increase its regular sales numbers in the technology category and its presence in the smart home business market. 
  • Amazon purchased the Ring to supplement the Amazon Key, a security system for which Amazon had yet to develop audio and voice recognition software.
  • Amazon has also enabled their Alexa/ Echo voice assistant to pair with the Amazon Ring, allowing customers to use voice commands to control the Ring security system. 
  • Because the Ring includes a camera and audio equipment, Amazon bought the company to provide additional security options to Amazon customers who use their security equipment.
  • Amazon purchased the Ring to increase sales in the technology department on and expand its selection of innovative home technology. 

What is the Amazon Ring used for?

The Amazon Ring is a doorbell-controlled home security system. When customers install the Ring doorbell in their homes, it functions as a camera and motion sensor. As a result, customers who install the Ring will be able to see who is approaching their home at all times and be warned of those approaching their home before they receive a doorbell push or knock. When the Ring is installed, it connects to the customer’s WiFi network, allowing the doorbell to send the featured video footage and other information to the Ring app. Customers can access security footage of their front door area from anywhere if they have an internet connection.

Does Amazon install a ring?

Yes! In addition to selling the Ring, Amazon Home Services provides installation services for the Ring.

Is the Amazon Ring Reliable?

According to various Amazon Ring reviews, the system performs well for offering a variety of security camera options, being easy to self-install, and having affordable prices for both the Ring’s initial purchase and regular camera monitoring. However, customers have noted that while they can view their Ring system at all times via the Ring app, the cameras are not always reliable when alerting them to an approaching figure on their property. As a result, customers who do not regularly monitor their cameras may only sometimes be alerted to a person approaching their door, potentially increasing the likelihood of attempted home break-ins. Customers should remember, however, that while the Ring is not always reliable for sounding immediate alerts, the security system is generally regarded as reliable in preventing perpetrators from entering a home.

Is the Amazon Ring a Success?

Since Amazon’s acquisition of the company, the Amazon Ring has seen significant success. While the Ring had over $5 million in sales before Amazon’s acquisition, it has since expanded by being compatible with Amazon Alexa and reaching a wider consumer audience.


Amazon bought the Ring security system in 2018 and has since expanded the brand as a key component of their smart home accessory line-up. Customers can pair the Ring with their Amazon Alexa device to increase customer security control. Amazon purchased the Ring system to further establish the company as a dependable source of home security and increase its e-commerce sales in the technology sector.


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