Does Amazon take Afterpay? 2023 (Everything explained)


Sometimes you may fall short of money while purchasing at any retailer. Sometimes the product you want is costly, and you cannot pay for it at once; you are looking for methods through which you can split your payment. Amazon is a giant retailer offering many items and accessible shipping facilities; it has become a shopper’s choice. It has employed several techniques to help customers buy and shop through its store. 

Afterpay is a payment method employed by different giant retailers. It allows people to buy now and pay later. The amount of the item is split and then paid later. It offers options to pay in certain installments. Afterpay has partnerships with many well-known retailers and stores working online and offline. 

Here a question arises: does Amazon accept Afterpay as a payment option?

Does Amazon take Afterpay?

Amazon does not take Afterpay as a payment option. It simply denies its acceptance at the purchase. More likely, it gives particular excuses for not taking Afterpay. It has introduced another payment option, Amazon Pay, and other BNPL services that function similarly to Afterpay. Using Amazon Pay, customers can divide the total sum into Installments that will be paid later. It also employs other similar payment methods, which are discussed in this article.

Why does Amazon not take Afterpay?

Amazon has a similar method to split the whole expenses into installments. That’s why it does not need to have a partnership with Afterpay. Moreover, there are many cons of Afterpay besides its multiple proses. These cons may affect the sale of Amazon, which already has a solid customer base. Moreover, Afterpay has usage costs as well.

The Equitable Monthly Installment method is available only in the KSA, Egypt, and UAE. These natives can get installment orders by dividing the whole sum into months.

You can use other payment methods to split your purchase expenses.

Amazon has also introduced the buy now pay later option in payment methods. You can split the whole into installments.

How does Amazon BNPL service work?

In this method, the whole sum is divided by 5. You have to pay the first installment at the 

delivery of the item. The rest of the four will be paid periodically for four months.

These BNPL split payments are usually equal, but the last may be smaller. It can be due to unequal division. By connecting your credit to your Amazon account, you can get access to the BNPL service. The BNPL option is different from that of financial promotion offers. BNPL is interest-free.

Are there purchase limitations while using the BNPL service at Amazon?

Amazon does not set limitations on the minimum or maximum purchase amount. You can purchase cheap as well as costly items. Some other BNPL services have set certain minimum and maximum limits on purchases. You can select items of any price.

The limit is only set to the qualifying new items sold and shipped by Amazon.

Only certain items qualify for BNPL service.

How are the Installments divided? 

The good thing about the Amazon BNPL service is that you must pay the first installment when the package ships to your house. The rest of the payments will be paid afterward. Other BNPL services require that the full payment should be paid first. You can pick the item from the company whenever the Installments are complete.

Who is eligible to get BNPL services at Amazon?

BNPL services at Amazon require that you must reside in the US. Only US citizens are allowed to use this service. A person with an active Amazon account holder is preferred. The history of payment with Amazon must be smooth. To use BNPL services, the person must have an active credit card. Remember that debit cards are not usable for this service.

The nature and price of the item are also considered. Amazon stats evaluates your transaction history.

Do Amazon BNPL services charge interest?

As many other BNPL services do, Amazon does not charge any interest for this service. It only requires you to pay the Installments before the due date to keep flowing the BNPL service for you.

Amazon does not even charge any fee to use this service. You only need to pay the purchased order’s amount and taxes.

How to get Amazon BNPL services?

You need a credit card to avail of these services. After that, you will be able to apply for it. Many items are marked as available for BNPL service. It means not all items qualify for BNPL service. 

Follow these steps to avail of this service.

  • Sign in to your Amazon account.
  • Look for those items which are eligible for BNPL service.
  • Add it to your cart.
  • Add payment method when you are at check out.
  • One-fifth of the total amount, full applicable taxes, and shipping fee will be deducted from your account.

The full payment is divided and split into five parts. The remaining payments will be paid after every 30 days. 

How many orders can be placed by BNPL?

You can place only one order per category at a time at Amazon using the BNPL service. You can’t use this service to place two or more orders at Amazon.

Other BNPL services at Amazon;

You can also use some other BNPL services at Amazon like 

  • zip, 
  • Klarna
  • Affirm etc


Amazon has its own BNPL services through which you can buy a costly item. These are much easier to use. They have no minimum or maximum limits set for purchase. But you can buy only certain qualifying items with this service.


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