Does Best Buy Price Match Costco’s? (2022 FAQ’s Answered)

Does Best Buy Price Match Costco's
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Price matching or price guarantee means offering a discount on an item if the same item has been sold at a lower price in other competitors’ stores. A customer can request a price match for a certain item. Does Best Buy offer a price-matching policy? Does the Best Buy price match with Costco or the warehouse club? Your all questions are being answered here.

Best Buy is an American Multinational electronics retailer. It has more than 1144 stores in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. Costco merchandises cash and carries warehouse clubs and operates gas stations as well in many nations across the world.

It sells products to its members at a highly competitive discounted price. These members have to pay an annual fee.

Best Buy and Costco are competitive with each other. 

Best Buy Price Match Policy

Best Buy has a price match policy. If a customer finds a product at a higher rate than the other competitive store at Best Buy, he can request to decrease it according to that store. Best Buy may decrease the price of the item.

Does Best Buy’s price match Costco’s?

The simple and straight answer to this question is yes. Best Buy price match with Costco. It has some conditions for this price matching. Best Buy matches the price in case the competitive store is situated within 25 miles of that area. In Best Buy, identical products must be immediately available. All the price-matching criteria are met. In-store and online price match has been acknowledged by Best Buy. It has specific criteria for price matching, like color, model, etc must match. It has an exclusion list as well. Those products which are enlisted in the list are not available for price matching.

When does Best Buy price match?

Best Buy price match if the local competitor including Costco is located in a 25 miles area. Its price matches in this case. Otherwise, it’ll not match the price. After verification of the products, it gives the products at discount.

For a price match, you have to ensure that the local Costco store is having identical items at the same time. Its immediate availability is necessary.

How does Best Buy’s price match Costco’s?

Follow these steps to get a product at a discounted price from Best Buy.

  • You have to search for an item. It must be in the list of Best Buy with which you can price match.
  • Thoroughly check the model number, color, and other things.
  • If you want a similar item from Best Buy and do not want to visit Costco or you might be unable to do so, interact with Best Buy.
  • You can request a price match by visiting them, calling them, or chatting with them online. You can call them at 1-888-237-8289.
  • You have to show them that Costco advertisement which must be live. It should not be a screenshot.. 
  • After a thorough and deep verification process, Best Buy gives you a price match with Costco.

Does Best Buy’s price match in-store or online?

Best Buy prices match both in-store and online. 

By visiting them you can request a price match. You can request them before purchasing.

In case you want to price match online, you have to show them a live advertisement of the products. After this is proven you will be able to get a discounted price. On the other hand, if you are a member of Costco where you can get discounted prices, you can’t avail of this offer by Best Buy. 

Can you price match at Best Buy after purchase?

You may get the idea of a price match after purchasing a product on Best Buy. You may have seen similar products on Costco, and you want a price match after purchase. Unfortunately, you can not price match after you have purchased the item.

How long does it take to reach a price match?

Usually, you have to wait for 15 days to reach a price match. As it entirely depends upon the Best Buy validation process. Most of the process is done by Best Buy customer executives on the phone or in chat.

Does Best Buy’s price match with those products sold to Costco-paid members?

If Costco is providing decreased prices to its customers who have paid an annual fee, they do lay in the exclusion list of Best Buy. As Costco offers discounted prices to its paid members. Any customer of Best Buy can not claim to get a price match of that product which Costco is giving to members only.

How many products can be requested for a price match?

Only one product at a time is eligible for a price match. Best Buy does not agree to exceed the limit. Every customer can price match at one time. 


Best Buy is offering this policy to get the products at a similar rate as that of Costco. It can decrease the price of the product in its store if the similar one has a lesser price in Costco. It can price match for some competitors if they are located within 25 miles. It offers a price match for one item for a customer. You can request price matches in-store and online. After the validation process, you can get a product at a discount rate from Best Buy whose price matches that of Costco.


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