Does Burger King pay weekly? (2023)


Anyone who wants to deliver customer service and work in a fast food establishment, whether a youngster or a retired person, should consider working at a fast food restaurant. The following information will benefit you as you think about whether to apply for a job at Burger King and, if so, which position you would use for.

Does Burger King pay weekly?

No! Burger King only pays its employees weekly. Most Burger King employees are typically paid biweekly, either by check on Thursday or by direct deposit on Friday. They make $789 unadjusted and $713 adjusted every week.

When paid semi-monthly, employees in some franchises receive $855 in unadjusted pay and $772 in adjusted income. If you convert the hourly wage at Burger King into a weekly salary, you’ll earn about $394.

How much does Burger King pay monthly?

Team workers at Burger King make an average monthly salary of $1,709. Once the ten annual holidays and 15 annual vacation days are considered, the adjusted monthly wage is $1,545.

Remember that this is your monthly gross pay, not your take-home pay. You must take into account several factors when calculating the net amount. You might want to explore online information and tools such as:

  • Calculate your salary.
  • Tax calculator for income.
  • Calculator for take-home pay.

How Much Do Part-Time Employees at Burger King Get Paid?

The final factor affecting your overall pay is the number of hours you work. Now, there are various meanings for the term “part-time worker.” If you rub the shift boss correctly, you might receive 10 hours a week. Working 18 to 28 hours a week as a minor is quite normal. In general, part-time employees work ranging from 25 to 35 hours per week. So, the number of hours worked rather than the hourly pay matters more regarding a Burger King part-time salary.

How much does Burger King pay to team members?

For each hour, team members are paid $9.86. This equates to 78.88 dollars daily, $394 per week, $789 for two weeks, $ 1,709 for a month, and $20,509 annually.

What is the average wage of a cook at Burger King?

On average, a cook makes $12.13 per hour. This amounts to $97.04 daily, $485 per week, $970 for two weeks, $2,103 per month, and $25,230 annually when not adjusted.

What is the average wage of a waiter and a waitress at Burger King?

A waiter or waitress will make up to $13.59 per hour. This comes to $108.72 per day, $544 weekly, $1,087 every two weeks, $2,356 monthly, and $28,267 annually.

How much does Burger King pay its manager?

Managers of shifts may earn $13.42 an hour. This equates to $107.36 daily, $537 per week, $1,074 for two weeks, $2,326 monthly, and $27,914 for a whole year of employment.

How much does Burger King pay its assistant manager?

An assistant manager is one of the first administrative jobs; the hourly wage is $14.68. The daily cost is $117.44, the weekly cost is $587, the biweekly cost is $1,174, the monthly price is $2,545, and the annual fee is $30,534.

How much does Burger King pay the general manager?

Compared to the hourly compensation at Burger King for some of the abovementioned positions, a general manager receives $15.87 per hour, which is already a significant increase. According to other figures, you may expect to make $126.96 per day, $635 per week, $1,270 for two weeks, $2,751 for a whole month, and $33,010 per year as a general manager.

What are the benefits of being a Burger King employee?

You’ll have access to the following benefits as part of the comprehensive insurance package:

  • Dental protection.
  • Life assurance.
  • Health protection.
  • Vision coverage.
  • Bereavement leave.
  • Parental leave.
  • Paid time off.
  • Bonus pay.
  • Weekly bonus.
  • Employee discounts.
  • Quarterly bonuses.
  • Monthly bonus.
  • Stock options.
  • Yearly bonus.


Overall, this is a fantastic entry-level position with a company that frequently hires individuals as young as 16 and always looks for new talent. The $9.86 average hourly wage for entry-level team members at Burger King is a long way from the top of the market. It’s still nothing to laugh at for those trying to supplement their income or gain their first professional experience. Additionally, there are many growth possibilities, and the advantages are good.


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