Does CVS sell stamps? (Updated 2023)


If you need some stamps urgently but don’t want to stand in a long line at the post office, consider purchasing them from your neighborhood supermarket, pharmacy, or convenience shop. You might be asking if CVS sells stamps, given that their stores also have many essentials for everyday life and pharmaceutical care. You may go immediately to the CVS shop to get the stamps and other essential supplies to provide your loved ones with the proper medicines, food, and other things at the perfect moment.

Does CVS also sell stamps?

As of 2022, CVS does provide a variety of postal stamps in the form of $10 booklets with 20 stamps each. Customers may locate them at the cashier’s counter at any CVS in-store location at any CVS in-store location. Note that symbols cannot be purchased online from CVS.

What are the benefits of purchasing stamps from CVS?

  • CVS is the most prominent pharmacy chain in the US, with approximately 9700 locations.
  • You may pick up stamps whenever needed because many CVS pharmacies stay open late, and a few places are available 24/7.
  • When purchasing stamps from CVS, you should also be able to pick them up on Saturday and Sunday afternoons.
  • Pharmacies are stocked to the brim with necessities like shampoo and prescription drugs. Add postal stamps to your shopping list and buy some when you visit the pharmacy if you’re not in a rush.

CVS offers what Sorts Of Stamps?

Currently, all of CVS’s retail stores exclusively carry First-class stamps, sometimes known as Forever stamps, which are large enough to mail a 1-ounce standard letter.

Since CVS does not offer single stamps, you may only purchase a booklet of 20 of these stamps. Also, note that CVS only sells stamps with generic images like the US flag or other emblems.

Therefore, consider going to the post office instead if you want to buy various stamps in various values and designs to coincide with different occasions and seasons.

What Are the Stamp Prices at CVS?

The cost of stamps at CVS is around $10 per booklet, the same as at the US Post Office. Since each Forever stamp has a face value of 0.55 dollars, purchasing a booklet of 20 can result in a total cost savings of up to 1.20 dollars.

Furthermore, despite rising mail costs, Forever stamps retain their worth over time, as their name implies, so even if you don’t use logos frequently, buying a booklet of 20 Forever stamps is still a good idea.

Where at CVS Can I Find Stamps?

Stamps are available at the CVS checkout desk for customers. Most CVS keep stamp booklets in the cash register box, making them easily accessible when needed. The cashier should be able to give you the booklet without any trouble the next time you’re at CVS if you ask for it.

Does CVS provide online stamp sales?

Regrettably, no. On its website, CVS does not provide stamp sales. However, shoppers may purchase stamps from any of the 9700 CVS retail stores nationwide.

Can ‘ExtraBucks’ Reward Points Be Used At CVS To Buy Stamps?

Regular customers at CVS can access savings and prizes through the company’s “ExtraCare” customer loyalty program. The CVS “ExtraBucks” program does, however, have a few exclusions when it comes to obtaining discounts on purchases, such as when buying:

  • Prescriptions
  • Gift cards
  • Lotteries
  • Alcohol
  • Money orders
  • Prepaid cards
  • And postage stamps.

What Do I Do If My CVS Is Out Of Stamps?

Stamps are often sold year-round in-store at all CVS locations. However, if your neighborhood CVS has sold all of its logos and hasn’t replaced them, or if they don’t sell stamps frequently, you may contact a customer service agent about their regulations regarding the sale of postal stamps.

They can inform you of the availability window or direct you to the nearest retailer if they anticipate restocking them shortly. Even though this is likely a problem, you can still think about phoning your neighborhood CVS to confirm that stamps are still available there. 

Which further alternative retailers provide stamps?

Postage stamps are also sold in several other pharmacies, convenience, and grocery stores outside CVS, including:

  • Walgreens
  • Walmart
  • Costco
  • 7-Eleven
  • Staples
  • Target


Except for, every one of CVS’s 9,600 shops nationwide does sell First-class or Forever stamps (CVS does not sell stamps online). The cost of a booklet of 20 symbols at the checkout counter is the same as the price of stamps purchased through the US Postal Service, or around $10. These stamps cannot be redeemed for CVS “ExtraBuck” points.


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