Does Dollar General Fill and Sell Helium Balloons? (2022 Updated)

Does Dollar General Fill and Sell Helium Balloons

Dollar General is a corporation, that has a chain of stores located in different places. According to an estimate, DG run almost 18216 stores in the just US in the year 2022. They are a discount retailer.

Supplying products like clothing, personal beauty products, pet accessories, toys, electronics, daily routine items, decorations, and much more are included in Dollar services. Dollar general is counted as one of the most profited companies.

According to an estimate, it earned up to $27 billion in the just year 2019.

Does Dollar General fill and sells Helium balloons?

Although Dollar general provides a wide variety of services like grocery clothing and party decoration, it also fills and sells helium balloons.

You can buy Helium balloons at different stores and online as well.

How to buy Dollar Helium balloons?

You can go to the store to buy helium balloons. Dollar general fills Helium in Latex, metallic, and mylar balloons. As you charge them for filled balloons, ask them for filling Helium gas if they are not filled.

How can you get Helium balloon online?

Dollar General has provided an app to buy products online. So you can easily buy Helium balloons from an online store.

  • You have to open that app
  • A list of products will appear.
  • You can search for Helium balloons.
  • They can provide you with any theme of Helium balloons for parties, marriages, wedding anniversaries, birthdays, or inaugural ceremonies.
  • Price is mentioned along with the Helium balloon.
  • You can also read the description.

How much do Helium balloons cost?

It is seen that the price of the Helium balloon varies from one store to another. Yet they offer suitable prices for balloons.

  • You may be charged $0.50 to 1$ for 1 balloon.
  • For jumbo balloons, you can be charged almost $15.
  • But they provide you with helium balloons at a very good rate.

Why do you need Dollar Helium Balloons?

Besides providing other party decoration, Dollar general provide you with different themes of dollar helium balloons. As balloons are an important and necessary element of any event whether it is a birthday, marriage, wedding anniversary, or any inaugural event, you try to decorate with different items, balloons are one of them. They not only give bulk to the decoration but also give an attractive look to it. The major benefit of Helium balloons is that you can place them where you are easy with them and where you want to fix them.

Filling dollar tree:

DG offers you very reasonable and affordable prices if you want to get a dollar tree.

Which types of balloons are used in Dollar tree?

Although they furnish a very accessible price and with many good aspects, here comes the type of balloon used in Dollar tree. Here comes a minor shortcoming of dollar general that they fulfill only limited types of balloons in Dollar tree.

Thus they are very limited in the type of balloons they use in Dollar tree.

What to do if a store run short of Helium?

There are a lot of online-offline stores. If you want to get your dollar tree filled with Helium gas but unfortunately the store is unable to provide helium gas. You can call any dollar store to provide you with gas for inflation. They will provide you with helium gas in no time.

If Dollar stores are unable to fulfill your requirement, you can go to any of your local stores to get a dollar tree filled with helium gas.

Does Dollar General give a discount on dollar helium balloons?

Sometimes you are given a discount on dollar helium balloons.

  • Nowadays they are giving -50% on gold foil confetti latex Helium balloons for $1.
  • They are offering -60% on Mayitr 50x latex 10° pearl Metallic Helium Balloons.
  • They are offering a discount of -23% on a Flower wedding Decor Helium balloon worth $10. Often they offer a 10% discount on your first order.

Different Themes of Dollars helium balloons:

You can get a wide variety of dollar general balloons in different colors like pink, blue, gold, multicolor, transparent, and coffee in high-quality material.

What to do if you are not satisfied with your purchase of Dollar Helium Balloons?

If You are not satisfied with the balloon, you can contact with store. They will decide total or partial refund.


After reading the article you will surely come to know that Dollar General not only fill helium balloon but also sell them at a reasonable price and in attractive colors.


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