Does Family Dollar Pay Weekly? (2023)


Family Dollar is one of the retailers where people shop for household items, toys, school supplies, and many other items. It has been operating more than 8000 stores, which are expanding daily. So here we are about to answer about the pay patterns of the Family Dollars.

Does Family Dollar pay weekly?

The obvious answer to this question is no. Family Dollar does not pay weekly. So the alternative method to pay employees at Family Dollar is biweekly as of 2022. Employees receive their pay on Friday after two weeks. This pay period circulates from Sunday of the first week to Saturday of the following week. Moreover, employees also get many job benefits.

On which day does Family Dollar Pays?

The day on which Family Dollar pays employees is Friday. This pay period is circulated after two weeks. This is also the typical day on which all stores of Family Dollar release pay to its employees.

What method is employed by this company to pay employees?

As Family Dollar releases payment after two weeks, you must be thinking of the medium through which employees receive their wages.

  •  Most often, they get cheques.
  • Some prefer direct deposit.
  • Payment transfers can also be done through a debit card issued by the company.

Family Dollar Payment Pattern

Depending on the employees’ experience and the job position, wages are fixed. This fixation depends on the district manager of the store. He analyzes the employees and his previous experience in that position. After that, their payments are decided by the managerial staff.

Family Dollar Hourly Pay

Most employees get paid on an hourly basis. They are paid biweekly. But in the case of managerial staff like District managers, they are produced annually.

Assistant manager $13.35

  • Hourly wages for the District manager are $13.73
  • A general manager is paid $42002 per year.
  • Customer service associates are paid up to $11.30 at Family Dollar.
  • Customer care specialists earn up to $34692 per year.
  • The distribution associate gets $12.75 per hour.
  • Dock workers are paid $300 per week.
  • The forklift operator makes $15.56 per hour.
  • Cycle counter counts up to $14.20 per hour.
  • Collection managers receive $49000 annually.

Family Dollar Overtime Pay 

Family Dollar Overtime Pay Policy is ambiguous. It entirely depends on the management of the store. More often, according to the company’s standard policy, employees earn more than one and a half pay than their actual pay. They can work extra time on regular days and holidays to achieve more. But many employees say that this decision is taken by the district manager whether to pay employees for overtime or not.

Family Dollar Pay Raise 

Every company raises pay after a specific time, which is the case with Family Dollar. It increases the compensation of the employees. They also get promotion chances based on their functionality.

Family Dollar benefits

Family Dollar employees get several discounts, perks, and benefits. All organizations and companies have benefits linked to them. At Family Dollar, the following are some advantages a full-time employee gets at the Family Dollars.

  • Health insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Dental Insurance
  • Vision insurance coverage
  • Long-term disability insurance benefits
  • Supplemental unemployment
  • They are also able to profit sharing
  • 401(k) plan and employer match
  • Defined pension plan
  • More growth and advancement opportunities at the company.
  • But no PTOs are available for employees.


Family Dollar is an American-based company. It has been paying its employees biweekly. Most often, their wages are discharged on Friday. They get a pay increase after a specific time. Family Dollar provides promotional opportunities as well.


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