Does FedEx pay weekly? (2023)


FedEx’s employee satisfaction ratings are between 78% and 87%. Naturally, the working environment, benefits, and opportunities for advancement are all crucial considerations that should be considered. FedEx pays some of the highest wages in the logistics industry and has a stellar reputation for delivering to employees on time. This article will teach you everything you need to know about getting paid at FedEx.

Does FedEx pay weekly?

Yes! Every Friday in 2022, FedEx will pay Ground, Express, and Package Handlers. Pay is disbursed via paper check or direct deposit. Most FedEx employees prefer direct deposit because it allows them to receive their paychecks sooner (usually one day before the official payday). Employees receive their pay a day early when payday falls on a holiday.

There is much more to learn about FedEx payday, so keep reading our article for more useful facts and tips!

What Day Is Payday for FedEx?

On Fridays, almost all FedEx employees are paid.

What Is FedEx’s Pay Period?

There are some conflicting responses to this question. This leads us to believe that FedEx’s pay periods vary according to division (e.g., Ground, Express) or position (e.g., package handler or driver).

According to some current FedEx employees, the pay period runs from Monday to Sunday. Others claim it is from Sunday to Saturday. Regarding contract drivers, FedEx appears to pay from Sunday to Friday.

Does FedEx accept direct deposit?

FedEx accepts two types of payments: 

  • Physical checks 
  • Direct deposit. 

The majority of employees prefer to receive their pay via direct deposit. Direct deposit is more convenient (no checks to keep track of) and allows employees to access their income a day earlier than those who receive paper checks. On the other hand, employees who choose direct deposit receive a paper pay stub every Thursday.

Is FedEx Ground paid on a weekly or biweekly basis?

FedEx Ground employees are paid once per week. Payday is usually every Friday.

Is FedEx Express paid weekly?

FedEx Express employees, like Ground employees, appear to be paid every Friday. However, some FedEx Express employees report being paid biweekly. Nonetheless, this seems to be a minority of cases.

Do FedEx package handlers get paid every week?

FedEx package handlers, like Ground and Express employees, are paid every Friday, either by paper check or direct deposit.

Does FedEx withhold your first paycheck?

If an employee has signed up for a direct deposit, FedEx does not hold the employee’s first paycheck. If employees do not sign up for a direct deposit, their first paycheck may be delayed due to processing time. 

This delay could last up to four days in some cases. However, remember that this delay has nothing to do with FedEx withholding the employee’s pay.

Is FedEx willing to pay you after your first week of work?

FedEx employees are paid on the first payday following the end of the first payroll period. So, depending on when you start, you may not receive your first paycheck until the following week.

Of course, this is only sometimes the case, so there may be a delay between the end of your first week of work and receiving your first paycheck. The delay’s length is determined by the payroll department and the employee’s bank. If a delay occurs, it will likely be resolved within a week or two of the employee’s start date.

In either case, you can be confident that you will be compensated. It may not be immediately following your first week of work, but your working hours will be accounted for on your next paycheck.

Is FedEx paid ahead of schedule on holidays?

Yes! FedEx employees are paid a day early if their payday falls on a holiday.

What is one of the most appealing aspects of working here?

FedEx provides a plethora of incentives and benefits to its employees. Working with different people and having independence are undoubtedly two of the best aspects of working here. 

Are the organization’s working hours flexible?

Yes! They are adaptable to each type of job posting. Part-time employees have more freedom than full-time employees.

Is the pay at FedEx fair?

This varies depending on the individual and the job role. The pay offered is more than fair if you are experienced and qualified. However, experience is significant to the organization. As a result, they may initially offer you a less-than-satisfactory stipend, increasing it as they see your work in front of them.


FedEx pays weekly for all positions, including Ground, Express, and package handlers. Usually, the official payday is Friday, but those who use direct deposit will have their accounts credited a day earlier.

That said, there are a few discrepancies regarding the exact days of FedEx’s pay period. If you’re a new employee with questions, contact your manager for clarification.


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