Does Home Depot Give a Senior Discount? Get to know in 2022

Senior Discount
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Senior discounts are those which are offered to people who have reached a certain old age. They are known as senior citizens. The limit of the age may be marked by the company which is offering senior discounts. Senior discounts mean that old people buy products at a deducted rate from the store that is offering this discount. Many senior citizens depend on these discounts to help cope with a fixed budget. Eligibility for lower prices can sometimes require a few compromises.

Does Home Depot give senior discounts?

No, Home Depot does not give discounts to senior citizens of the nation. It has no senior-specific discount yet it has been offering other discounts to consumers. Those discounts include military and veterans discounts. These discounts can also be gained through registering as a Pro member or Pro Xtra Member of the Home Depot membership.

Military and veterans discounts are offered up to 10% in a day. Although it has not specified any age of veterans, those Veterans who are above 50 years of age can get these discounts.

Military and Veterans Discount

You can get military and veterans discounts at Home Depot. The very first thing you have to do is to create your account on the website of Home Depot. You are to provide the necessary information. A verification process will be done. After this process, you will be able to get a discount if you purchase in-store or online on different items.

This military personnel includes

  • Army
  • Navy
  • Air Force
  • Space Forces
  • Coast Guards
  • National Oceanic
  • Mariners
  • National Guard
  • Atmospheric Organisation 
  • Public Health Service

Those military members who were charged from the military, with dishonor are unable to get the discounts.

Spouses of the military and veterans also fall in this category of discount.

Home Depot Loyalty Scheme

This scheme is another way to get discounts on Home Depot. The senior members of the society register themselves for this scheme to enjoy different perks and get different items at deducted rates. There are two subdivision in this scheme which includes becoming a

  • Pro Member
  • Pro Xtra

These members get rewards and other exclusive offers for free.

Pro members will get discounts on personalized deals and perks. Pro Xtra Members will able to get discounts because of their shopping habits.

Price Match Guarantee at Home Depot;

If you are searching for ways to save money in shopping, you will be well familiar with the price match policy at Home Depot. Price match means lessening the price of an item at Home Depot or any other stores if the same product is attainable at low prices in its competitive stores within the same territory. Home Depot procures a price match guarantee with other stores like Amazon and Walmart. You have to indicate by bringing the advertisement of that merchandise to Home Depot. After the assurance, the price will be dropped off from the actual in the Home Depot store.

Discount through Coupons;

Home Depot regularly offers coupons, perks, and promo codes to its customers. Not only senior members, but ant customers can utilize these coupons. These are provided on specific items and products in-store or online. After claiming these coupons, any customer can get specified products at deducted rates.

Garden Club at Home Depot

Another way to recoup fortune at Home Depot is Garden Club.

Although it is free to enroll and is not impeded to geriatric buyers only, can get a deduction of $5 on the first delivery made by shoppers. 

Moreover, Home Depot does not offer AARP discounts to any of the senior customers.

Clearance Sale at Home Depot

One of the sources of discounts for senior citizens is a clearance sale. Although a lot of customers rush toward the store on the days of clearance sales yet senior citizens may also get benefits from the sale. Those inventories which have mild damage and were unable to sell on regular days of the store, are put on sale with deducted prices. Senior citizens may head towards the store in the days of clearance.

Home Depot Credit card savings

By signing in for the new credit card you can save up to $100. You can get 50% off on different items if you make a purchase between $300 to $999 in Home Depot after you open up a Pro Xtra revolving charge card.

Using a consumer credit card at Home Depot extends returning time period up to 1 year which is 4x than the usual return period.

Using a loan project card at Home Depot can help you get items on loan up to $55000.


Home Depot does not offer senior-specific discounts yet they can get discounts in many ways. Among them are the military and veteran discounts, clearance sales, and other perks and discounts to save money at Home Depot. 


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