Does Home Depot Sell Benjamin Moore Paint? In-Detailed Guide

Does Home Depot Sell Benjamin Moore Paint? In-Detailed Guide
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Home Depot provides its customers with a wide variety of home improvement products, including a wide range of paint colors, types, and finishes. Home Depot is an excellent place to buy paint because of its innovative paint-mixing technology. As a result, you may be wondering if the retailer sold Benjamin Moore paints. Continue reading to find out.

Is Benjamin Moore paint still available at Home Depot in 2022?

Home Depot does not sell Benjamin Moore paints as part of its extensive paint selection. Home Depot sells a variety of paint brands, including Behr, PPG, and Glidden, but not Benjamin Moore paint. Benjamin Moore paints are not typically sold at big-box retailers, including Home Depot.

Why does Home Depot not carry Benjamin Moore paint?

Because Home Depot is a big-box retailer, Benjamin Moore does not sell its paint, and Benjamin Moore prefers to supply only independent retailers. Furthermore, Benjamin Moore has explained why they only supply independent retailers, emphasizing their values.

Benjamin Moore wishes to distinguish itself from its competitors by providing only the highest quality product and a personalized experience. They believe that big-box stores do not provide a personalized experience for customers, so they do not supply them.

What Benjamin Moore-like paint is available at Home Depot?

Behr, Glidden, and PPG are among the paint brands available at Home Depot. However, you may be wondering which paint brands are the most similar to the Benjamin Moore collection. Here’s a look at a few Home Depot brands and how they stack up against Benjamin Moore.

  • Behr
  • Kilz
  • PPG Diamond

Is Behr paint a good paint?

Behr paint is Home Depot’s own paint brand. It’s been compared to the quality of Benjamin Moore paints, with the Behr Marquee line being hailed as their best option. It is said to have particularly good coverage and to be a more cost-effective option. Behr is Home Depot’s answer to Benjamin Moore, offering a wide range of colours.

What kind of paint Kilz is?

Kilz has also been compared to Benjamin Moore paints, and while coverage isn’t quite as good, their ceiling paints appear to be the next best thing.

Is PPG Diamond paint better than Benjamin Moore?

Yes! PPG Diamond paint is said to have good coverage, durability, and is comparable to Benjamin Moore paints. PPG is also less expensive than Benjamin Moore.

Glidden Interior Premium is suggested for kitchen and bathroom renovations. It is easy to clean and resistant to mould and mildew. This paint is also less expensive than Benjamin Moore.

Does Home Depot match Benjamin Moore paint colours?

Although Home Depot cannot always colour match Benjamin Moore paints, they do have a similar colour palette. Colour matching a Benjamin Moore sample may be possible with Home Depot’s colour matching service because the Home Depot paint mixing machine has the same colour range as Benjamin Moore paints.

What is the cost of Benjamin Moore paint?

Guilford Green is available in three Benjamin Moore interior paint shades: 

  • Aura Interior- USD 68 
  • Regal Select USD 45
  • Ben USD 37

Is Benjamin Moore’s paint of good quality?

  • Benjamin Moore Paints established an open, culture-friendly, increased sales, and built unparalleled customer loyalty by attempting to accommodate every client’s request.
  • Benjamin Moore paint’s enamel is nearly as good as Marquee’s, but it costs $30 less per gallon. 
  • Painters are one of the less expensive home improvement projects. 
  • Sherwin Williams paints are more expensive than Benjamin Moore paints. That doesn’t mean Sherwin Moore paints aren’t appropriate; they are. Higher-quality paints sparkle more.
  • Benjamin Moore wants to set itself apart from the competition by offering superior quality and a personalised experience. 
  • They do not supply big-box stores because they believe that customers receive a more personalised experience there.

What stores sell Benjamin Moore paint?

Because Benjamin Moore only works with independent retailers, finding a supplier in your area may be more difficult. You can use the Benjamin Moore website to find stores near you that sell the paints. Although there are retail locations in Alaska and Hawaii, the Benjamin Moore store only ships to the continental United States.

Benjamin Moore paint can also be picked up in eligible stores if ordered online. Check out our other paint-related posts to learn if Home Depot provides free paint samples, if Home Depot sells Sherwin Williams paint, and who manufactures Behr paint for Home Depot.


Benjamin Moore paints are not available in any of Home Depot’s stores or online. Benjamin Moore paints are only available through independent retailers and online, which means that Home Depot does not stock them. Home Depot carries a variety of paint brands that are similar to Benjamin Moore paints, and they can colour match a Benjamin Moore sample in store.


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