Does Home Depot Sell Sherwin-Williams Paint? (In-Detailed)

Does Home Depot Sell Sherwin-Williams Paint?
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Home Depot dominates the home improvement products and supplies in the United States. Besides other goods, it sells high-quality paints. For any renovation project, DIY zealots may come to buy different colors. Home Depot is well known for selling primary colors. You may also find the premium brand at your nearest Home Depot retail store.

Does Home Depot Sell Sherwin-Williams Paint?

The answer is quite obvious. Home Depot does not sell Sherwin-Williams Paint. The reason for not selling this brand is that this paint is only found and sold at other retailers known as Lowe’s. Lowe’s and Sherwin Williams Paint have a bond of partnership between them. This brand of paint is available at Lowe’s and not at Home Depot. You can find different other famous brands at Home Depot. 

Does Home Depot have Sherwin Williams Paint Samples?

Most of the stores include samples of different applicable items in its store. These samples can be checked by consumers for checking the brand. If that sample suits them, they will buy the entire product. On the other hand, if they are not satisfied with the samples, they will not tend to buy them. Sample paints are also available at different store locations including Home Depot. 

When it comes to Sherwin Williams paint, Home Depot does not keep its sample in its stores. Neither the paint nor samples are found in its stores.

Although samples of some other brands are available at Home Depot. These brands include 



Diamond Brite Paint and many others.

What are alternatives to Sherwin Williams Paint at Home Depot?

If you wanted to buy Sherwin Williams Paint at Home Depot, but didn’t find that and do not want to go back or wander to other retailers. There might be many reasons that you wanted to buy paints from Home Depot. We will provide you with the right information on different brands you can buy from Home Depot.

Let’s have a look at different brands available at Home Depot.


Garage Floor Finish Cast, Rust-Oleum chips, automotive, and specialty painter touch are provided at Home Depot.

Rust-Oleum is available in 12 Oz cans. You may also select between a single package or a 6 piece package.


The Home Depot will also stock specialty assortments. It will store certain segments and specifications based on the demand of the customers. They have extended partnerships with each other. This store will stock this paint and other essentials.


Interior wood stain, polyurethane wood finish, clear satin oil-based interior polyurethane, clear satin water-based interior polyurethane paint, and other essentials are provided at Home Depot.


It is another type of paint available at Home Depot. It is famous for primers. Those surfaces which are not easily covered by other paints are easily covered by this paint.


Different types of Glidden paint for exterior and interior use are available at the store. Glidden diamond, duo, team color, premium, professional and Glidden essentials are available at Home Depot.


Behr brand of paint including Behr Premium, plus premium, ultra, dynasty, pro and Behr marquee are available at Home Depot.

These are used for exterior and interior paint for removing stains and polishing etc.

Can I match Sherwin Williams Paint at Home Depot?

Yes, you can match the Sherwin-Williams Paint brand to any of the paint available in Home Depot.

  • You have to bring a sample of Sherwin Williams Paint at Home Depot. After conversing with the customer service desk, they will help you in choosing the brand and type similar to that of Sherwin Williams Paint. 
  • Entering a number of the color of Sherwin Williams Paint at the official website of Home Depot can help you to match colors.
  • By using Project Colour App, you can also match colors. You have to upload a photo to this app and then it will match for you.

Home Depot Paint Brands versus Sherwin Williams Paint;

In case you are searching for low-priced and high-quality paint, go for Home Depot brands. They are cheap as compared to Sherwin Williams Paint. If you want to paint your home, go for Home Depot brands. In case you want to have a professional touch, Sherwin Williams Paint will be best for you. Home Depot Paint Brands and Sherwin Williams Paint have compatible applications and give an excellent finish.


Home Depot does not place Sherwin-Williams Paint in its store. You can buy other brands of paint at Home Depot that are cheap and of high brand. 


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