Does Kroger own Fry? (2023)


Kroger Co. owns and operates a large number of grocery stores. Supermarkets, multi-department stores, price-impact warehouse stores, and marketplace stores are examples of retail grocery stores. Is Fry’s, on the other hand, one of the previously mentioned retail stores? Let’s find out if Kroger owns Fry’s.

Does Kroger own Fry?

Fry’s is under the Kroger supermarket. Kroger has an indirect ownership of Fry. Fry’s was initially bought by Dillons in 1972. When Dillons merged with Kroger in 1983, Fry’s was automatically absorbed into the Kroger Group but retained its brand name.

When was Fry established?

It was founded in 1954. It ran independently until 1972 when Dillons purchased it. Fry’s has been a member of the Kroger Group since 1983.

Who was Fry’s founder?

Donald Fry is the company’s founder.

When and where was Fry’s established?

It was established in Contra Costa County, California, in 1954.

How many divisions does Fry’s have?

Fry’s operates in three divisions and is known by three different brand names. These divisions are as follows:

  • Fry’s Supermarket
  • Fry’s Signature 
  • Fry’s Mercado

What is the link between Fries and Kroger?

After Kroger merged with grocery supermarket Dillon in 1983, Fry’s and Kroger became linked. Fry’s is the dominant brand in Arizona under the Kroger family of companies. Kroger rebranded most Smith’s Food & Drug Centers as Fry’s to avoid brand overlap in the states. Through such acquisitions, Kroger has risen to the second-largest general retailer in the United States.

Why did Kroger acquire Fry?

Kroger bought and kept a Fry’s store for the following reasons:

  • Fry’s store locations
  • Fry’s service offerings
  • Fry’s revenue

Does Fry’s have good locations?

Yes! Fry’s has over 120 locations in the United States. With most of them in Arizona, Fry’s Food ensures Kroger’s presence in the state. Kroger’s dominance in the United States grew due to these locations. Because the brand already had a strong presence among customers, Kroger renamed most of the Smith’s Food & Drug Centers in Arizona to Fry’s.

Was Fry’s well-off before merging with Kroger?

Yes! According to statistics, Fry’s Food stores earned $963.1 million in annual revenue in 2021. This contributes to Kroger’s total company sales in 2021 of $137.9 billion. As a result, Fry’s is critical to Kroger’s revenue growth.

What’s Fry’s ‘Be A Smart Shopper’ program?

It is a Fry’s-organized program promoting healthy eating among consumers. To carry out this program in Arizona, Fry’s Food Stores, which Kroger owns, collaborated with the Field Trip Factory.┬áThis program encourages students in local classrooms to participate in the ‘Be a Smart Shopper’ program. The following are some of the program’s benefits:

  • Aimed at schoolchildren
  • Promotes good health
  • Health ambassadors are trained.
  • Encourages healthy eating habits
  • Keeps the public informed

How many other brands are owned by Kroger?

Kroger operates approximately 2,800 grocery retail stores across various states in the United States, making it the country’s largest supermarket chain. Kroger’s dominance in the country grows with each acquisition, and the company now operates in 35 states.

Kroger also owns the following businesses in addition to Fries:

  • Ralphs
  • QFC Harris Teeter
  • The King Scoopers
  • Mr. Fred Meyer
  • Baker’s 
  • Dillion Companies
  • Roundy’s
  • Home Chef
  • Metro Market
  • Smith’s
  • City Market

Can I use a Kroger gift card at Fries?

Customers claim that the Kroger gift card can be used at Fries and any other store affiliated with the Kroger family of companies. This Kroger gift card is a prepayment for products and fuel available at any company location. When you get the card, it comes with terms and conditions and a list of stores at the back. You can also buy Fry’s Food Stores gift cards when shopping or giving to family and friends. When you pay with a gift card, the remaining balance will be printed on the sales receipt.

Is it possible to return Fry’s items to Kroger?

Yes! Fortunately, you can return items purchased at Fries to your local Kroger. To find your nearest store, use a Store Locator. However, you must adhere to the Kroger return policy.


Fry’s came into the custody of Kroger in 1983 as a result of its merging with Dillons. Fry’s had kept its brand name and stayed true to its mission and vision. Kroger also played an important role in ensuring that Fry’s met the expectations of its clients or consumers. Some customers claim that using your Kroger gift card at Fry’s is possible, and you can also return your Fry’s items to Kroger.


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