Does Kroger Own Tom Thumb? (2023)


Kroger has bought several grocery and retail outlets to become the biggest supermarket chain in the US. However, given its prominence and big store count, you might be asking if Kroger also owns Tom Thumb. Here is everything you need to know!

Does Kroger Own Tom Thumb?

No! Even though Kroger owns several supermarkets, as of 2022, it does not own Tom Thumb. In a $2.15 billion transaction, Kroger sold most of its convenience stores, including Tom Thumb, to the EG Group of the United Kingdom. As a result, Tom Thumb is now one of the American grocery stores run by EG Group.

Which Company Owns Tom Thumb?

The EG Group, a business based in the UK, is the current owner of Tom Thumb. Three privately held companies were merged to create one store in 1979. When Kroger sold its holdings in convenience stores in 2018, EG Group bought the outlets. It was founded in 2001 and is now the top retailer of convenience products worldwide. This business focuses on fuel, groceries, goods, and food services.

How many employees does EG have?

Around 50,000 people are employed by EG Group worldwide in 6,200 locations in the US, Australia, and the UK.

In which state does the EG Group own Tom Thumb?

The EG Group is the owner of Tom Thumb and other businesses in the US. As a result, the EG America brand has locations in several states, including Florida, Alabama, Tennessee, and Mississippi.

Has Kroger Ever Tried to Purchase Tom Thumb?

Before selling them to EG Group, Kroger had previously operated Tom Thumb convenience stores. Kroger has not attempted to repurchase the shops since the 2018 transaction.

How Do Tom Thumb and Kroger Compare?

Customers can purchase home things from the neighborhood store because Kroger and Tom Thumb carry a variety of goods in their stores. Both retail brands sell groceries, meat, frozen foods, baked goods, booze, and pharmaceutical products. Additionally, they offer discounts and promo codes so that buyers can purchase things for less money.

Which Other Retailers Are Related to Tom Thumb?

Other stores associated with Tom Thumb are as follows:

Cumberland Farms

Established in 1939, Cumberland Farms provides culinary products, fresh food, and petroleum supplies. EG America bought this store in 2019 and now runs over 600 locations throughout Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Florida, New York, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Massachusetts. The EG GROUP declared in February 2022 that Cumberland Farms would replace Tom Thumb as the name of all its locations starting in May 2022.

Certified Oil

Ohio’sOhio’s top operator of convenience stores and retail fueling stations, Certified Oil, was founded in 1939. Over 70 Certified Oil locations may be found throughout West Virginia, Ohio, and Kentucky. In 2019, EG America purchased Certified Oil.


2019 saw the acquisition by EG American of the Fastrac brand, which is presently run in more than 50 sites. Fastrac has a long history in the petroleum industry in New York. Additionally, clients can place food orders like sandwiches and pizza.


One of the convenience stores purchased from the Kroger family of businesses in 2018 was KwikShop. KwikShop, founded in 1960, combines the convenience store model with supermarket efficiency in merchandising and inventory management & control. There are KwikShop locations in Nebraska, Kansas, and Iowa.

Minit Mart

In the 1970s, Minit Mart was the first convenience shop to offer petrol. It was started back in 1967. In 2018, EG America purchased Minit Mart and ran 230 locations in several states.

Loaf N” Jug

Loaf N” Jug, founded in Colorado in 1973, sold all 152 locations to EG Group. EG America currently runs Loaf N” Jug shops in Wyoming, North and South Dakota, Montana, Colorado, and New Mexico. Customers can refuel and make purchases at Loaf N” Jug locations.


In 2018, EG America purchased QuickStop, which has over 100 locations in California and Nevada. Sixty of the locations—or locations—are franchises.

Turkey Hill

EG America purchased Turkey Hill from Kroger in 2018. Pennsylvania saw the establishment of Turkey Hill in 1931. EG America now manages several Turkey Hill and Turkey Hill Midwest locations in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Indiana.


EG Group manages and owns more than 30 Sprint gas stations and convenience stores in South Carolina and Georgia. Customers may order food and fuel their cars at the Sprint Kitchen outlets.

Which Stores Does Kroger Own?

While not the owner of Tom Thumb, Kroger owns over 2,800 grocery retail stores that are part of the Kroger family and located throughout the United States. It is now the largest grocery chain in the nation as a result. Under its family of businesses, Kroger operates numerous stores, including:

  • Fred Meyer
  • Dillion
  • Ralphs
  • Harris Teeter
  • King Scoopers
  • Roundy’sRoundy’s
  • Baker’sBaker’s
  • QFC
  • Fry’sFry’s
  • Food 4 Less
  • City Market
  • Home Chef
  • Metro Market
  • Smith’sSmith’s

Does Kroger Price Match Tom Thumb?

Tom Thumb and Kroger won’twon’t price match if you’re looking for cheaper costs. You can use the discount coupons and deals offered to acquire products at a cheaper cost.


Even though Kroger owns several supermarkets, as of 2022, it does not own Tom Thumb. In a $2.15 billion transaction, Kroger sold most of its convenience stores, including Tom Thumb, to the EG Group of the United Kingdom. Following the acquisition, Tom Thumb was added to the list of American grocery stores run by EG Group. Since Tom Thumb and Kroger are independent organizations with different management, they are not now affiliated.


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