Does Kroger Own Winn Dixie? (2023)


Winn Dixie has great grocery stores and is well-known for its low and affordable grocery prices. Kroger’s acquisition of Winn Dixie would have increased its market share, allowing them to lower costs and bring them closer to Walmart. That is why you may be wondering if Kroger purchased Winn Dixie. Let us investigate.

Does Kroger Own Winn Dixie?

No! Kroger does not own Winn Dixie. Even though Kroger announced a deal to buy Winn Dixie stores, the transaction did not occur. As a result, Kroger will not own Winn Dixie in 2022. On December 19, 2011, it was announced that BI-LO and Winn-Dixie would merge to form a company with 690 grocery stores and 63,000 employees across eight southeastern United States. The merged company is headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, where Winn-Dixie previously operated.

Who is the owner of Winn-Dixie?

BI-LO purchased Winn Dixie in 2011. It was acquired by Bi-Lo Holdings, the parent company of Winn Dixie and BI-LO, a year later. In 2015, BI-LO Holdings changed its name to Southeastern Grocers. Since its inception in 1925, Winn Dixie has become a well-known supermarket retail chain, particularly in the southeastern United States. The retail store currently has over 500 locations across the country. Winn Dixie’s ticker symbol was removed from the NASDAQ following the merger. Furthermore, the “Check” soft drink brand replaced BI-soda LO. Despite its expansion, Winn Dixie closed some stores due to bankruptcy and the coronavirus pandemic. 

Has Kroger ever considered buying Winn Dixie?

Yes! Kroger announced plans to take over Winn Dixie stores in Texas and Oklahoma in 1999, but the plan was scrapped a year later. Kroger would have become the largest supermarket in Fort Worth due to this proposed acquisition. However, the transaction did not go through.

Does Kroger own Winn Dixie in Florida?

No! Kroger does not own Florida’s, Winn Dixie.

What Other Stores Are Related to Winn Dixie?

Southeastern Grocers owns more than one supermarket chain, including Winn Dixie. The parent company manages these additional stores.

  • Fresco y Más, founded in 2016, is one of the largest supermarket chains in the Southeast.
  • J.M. and Iris Harvey founded the supermarket Harveys in 1924. Harveys was purchased by the Delhaize Group in 2003 and sold to BI-LO Holdings for $265 million in 2013.

Is Winn Dixie and Kroger different from each other?

Yes! Here are some of the differences between these two retail chains:

  • Ownership
  • Cost Comparison
  • Locations

Is Kroger a bigger supermarket chain than Winn Dixie?

Yes! Kroger owns 2,800 grocery retail stores across the United States, making it its largest supermarket chain. The following are some of the Kroger brands:

  • Fry’s 
  • Ralphs 
  • QFC
  • King Soopers 
  • Harris Teeter
  • Mr. Fred Meyer

Winn Dixie, on the other hand, is owned by Southeastern Grocers.

Does Kroger have more locations than Winn Dixie?

Yes! Winn Dixie primarily operates in the Southeast region of the United States. As a result, the majority of the stores are in these states. Kroger, on the other hand, has 35 locations across the United States. Furthermore, the supermarket chain has a national presence because it owns other stores.

Is Kroger more expensive than Winn Dixie?

Winn Dixie is slightly less expensive than Kroger. While both stores sell a wide range of products, the prices of those products vary. However, prices vary quite a bit occasionally because both stores offer specials and product discounts. As a result, depending on the season, some items may be cheaper in both stores.

How are Winn Dixie and Kroger similar to each other?

Winn Dixie and Kroger carry a wide range of products, whether you need liquor, groceries, or pharmaceuticals. They also both have some private-label brands in their stores. While Kroger has brands like Simple Truth and Private Selection, Winn Dixie is well-known for its S.E. Grocers.

Can Winn Dixie items be returned to Kroger?

No! If you need to return items purchased at Winn Dixie, you must do so at the store. Kroger and Winn Dixie will not accept products from the other retail chain because they are not part of the same family of companies. Customers must use a separate return policy to return items for a refund or exchange at both supermarket chains. You can also speak with the staff to learn about the return policy, exceptions, and regulations.

Does Kroger match the price of Winn Dixie?

Kroger does not offer a price-matching policy. Winn Dixie, too, does not offer price matching to its customers. As a result, you must take advantage of retail chain discounts and seasonal offers to get a lower price on items.


Although Kroger announced a deal to buy Winn Dixie stores, the transaction did not occur. Kroger does not own Winn Dixie as of 2022. BI-LO paid $530 million for Winn Dixie in 2011.


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