Does Kroger Take Apple Pay? (All FAQs Answered 2022)

Does Kroger Take Apple Pay
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In recent days, a lot of retail stores are accepting Apple Pay. You can buy products through Apple Pay from these retail stores.

Apple pay is a payment method available to those who are iPhone users. Major stores in the United States like Subway and KFC accept Apple pay as a payment method. If you are currently using Apple Pay and you want to shop from the Kroger store, you need to know the payment method which Kroger accepts. This will keep you away from any trouble and worry.


It is one of the largest retailer companies, running multidepartment hyper stores in the United States. It has been selling groceries, electronics, hardware supplies, fashion accessories,  paints, and much more. You can visit Its stores if you want to shop for any product you need. When it comes to the payment method you must know whether your payment method matches that of Kroger or not.

Does Kroger Take Apple Pay?

When you have to pay after purchase, you may wonder that unfortunately, you cannot pay through apple pay at the Kroger store’s checkout. It does not permit any Kroger store to use this method. Instead, there are other ways to pay at its stores, even if you are an iPhone user or android user

What payment method is an alternative to Apple pay?

Even if you cannot use Apple pay at Kroger stores, you are provided with the facility of the Kroger app payment method at any Kroger store. When you are not in a position to use your Apple pay, other methods are devised only to assist you. 

How to use the Kroger App?

This app was introduced by the Kroger company which will help you to pay at checkout. So if you do not know how to use the Kroger app, let’s begin with the steps to use a Kroger app.

  • You have to download the app from Play Store or Apple store if you are an Android user or iPhone user respectively.
  • You have to sign up for this app.
  • If you are registered with this app, you can simply log in.
  • Otherwise, you have to make an account.
  • You have to generate an OTP that is a one-time password
  • The cashier at the store will scan the code
  • Your payment information will be shared with the store’s PIN pad
  • Your amount will be transferred to the store

It is a very convenient and accessible method to pay through this app. A lot of people have been using this app since its invention. It is a reliable and trusted app rated above 3 on the app store.

Why does Kroger not accept Apple pay?

It does not accept Apple pay but that does not mean it was never accepted before. Kroger company has started Apple payment as a payment method in 2020, experimenting a few times it stopped using this method. The reason was that  Apple Pay is a rarely used method, seemingly uninterested. Now it has introduced its app, a contactless app, which is used by its customers.

Other payment methods to pay Kroger:

As you cannot pay through Apple Pay, but you are uninterested in using the Kroger app as well, here we will provide you with some other method to pay your bill at Kroger check out. It usually accepts all other credit cards like American Express and Master Cards etc. You can also pay cash at checkout directly to buy products. Here are some methods to pay at Kroger stores.


One of those methods to pay bills at Kroger is SNAP/EBT. Before using this method you should know that you can use this method only while placing orders on the Kroger E-Commerce app. 

  • You have to place an order.
  • Select transaction method as EBIT
  • After you receive your order, continue the transaction through EBT.


You can buy some products via WIC cards. For your convenience, you have to know that you cannot buy all products in Kroger stores by this method. First of all, you have to separate those items you can buy with this card. You can get help from the cashier. After separating those items you can pay through a WIC card.


 It is a payment method you can use to buy products at the Kroger store. It provides a very different tool that you can buy and then pay for Kroger items in the form of installments. After you have paid through Afterpay you can pick up your purchase items at any time. 

Can you use Apple Pay on the Kroger app?

This question will surely be circulating in your mind. You want to pay for items using the Apple pay at Kroger app. But it is useless to do so

Because you are not allowed to do so. You cannot pay using the Apple pay at Kroger app.

Where can you use the Kroger app?

You can freely use the Kroger app at all the locations and stores of Kroger. You can pay at self-checkout. You can pay at its e-commerce website as well. You can buy beer or wine at its stores. Unfortunately, you can’t choose this app for other retail stores. You can only use this app at Kroger stores. Similarly, you can’t pay at Kroger pharmacy or fuel Centre by this payment method. If an independent merchant at the Kroger store does not accept this method, you are unable to pay him also.

Where to use Apple pay?

A very frequently asked question is where to use Apple pay. You will be bothered to know if the United State’s second biggest Merchandise does not accept Apple Pay and whether others will accept it or not. You can use this method at different and larger retail stores like Apple Store, Target, Walgreens, MacDonald, Pizza Hut and KFC, etc.

Wrap Up:

This was all about Whether you can use Apple pay at Kroger stores or not. You can’t use Apple pay at Kroger stores. But it has given an alternative in the form of a Kroger app. You can use another method of payment as well.


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