Does Meijer Pay Weekly Or Biweekly? (2023)


Many organizations, retail stores, and companies employ weekly and biweekly payment systems. They do pay their employees on a weekly or biweekly basis. Is Meijer one of them? Let’s talk thoroughly about Meijer’s payment system. 

The company is known as Meijer Inc or Meijer, founded by Hendric Meijer in 1934. It has been running as a superstore center. The parent organization of the Meijer supercenter is Companies, Ltd. Those who are subsidiaries of Meijer include LLC, Meijer Distribution, Inc., Meijer Logistics, Aureus Health Services, and many others.

Does Meijer Pay Weekly Or Biweekly?

The exact answer to this question is that Meijer pays every week. It produces its employees after one week. It has employed this system in all of its stores. This is the only Meijer store that has a biweekly payment system. More commonly, pay is distributed on Mondays, but fluctuations may occur. So if you intend to join or cure working at the store and want to know more about the Meijer income system, keep reading.

On which day does Meijer distribute wages?

Monday is the most common, when Meijer distributes wages to its employees. Most of the stores follow this pattern of paying on Monday. Sometimes they can be reflected on Thursday in your account. You can be delivered on Thursday, But the typical day to distribute wages is Monday.

Meijer’s Pay Pattern:

Meijer has been paying average salaries to its employees. They can get their salaries on Monday every week. The minimum average pay at Meijer is above $10. The average income at the store is $12.70. The maximum compensation given to the employees is about $29.81.

Sales associates get the lowest price in the store of $11.28, while on the other hand inventory analysts get the highest pay at the store.

  • Inventory Analyst gets $29.81
  • The surveillance System Monitor gets $29.41
  • General Manager receives $27.78
  • The store Director is paid $25.27
  • Asset Manager Protection gets $20
  • Gas station attendants get $13.
  • The Inventory Coordinator is paid $13

When Does Meijer raise salaries?

Raise in pay at Meijer stores depends on two thing

  • For how long have you been working with Meijer
  • At what position are you working at Meijer?
  • If you are employed as a new employee at Meijer, you can expect a pay raise after 90 days of working at the store. Those employees currently working in the store with long experience get their pay high every six months or one year. This raise may also depend on the location of the store. 

Union Meijer’s Due

You might have already heard of this name. The minimum union Meijer due is $8. Those employees who become part of the Meijer union can get this amount regardless of their position and work experience.

Does Meijer strangle your first paycheck?

No, the first check is not held by the company. As soon as you finish up a week working at the store, you will be credited your first payment at Meijer.

Automatic Payroll Deduction

Meijer can send pay by direct deposit to employee accounts. Once employees have made their union account, as per their own choice, Meijer transfers their wages. This method helps to eliminate the long and tiresome paperwork of the other forms. It is one of the fast and most convenient methods for transferring salary to an employee account.

Does Meijer pay orientation?

You will be happy to know that Meijer pays for your training period. Whenever an employee joins the store to do his duty, he has to pass through a three-day basic training program regarding the services he will perform at the store. They will be paid regardless of the orientation time.

Moreover, Meijer offers employees paid time off, holidays, and other discounts.


Meijer has been functioning as a retail store, offering weekly salaries to its employees. Employees can get a direct deposit or other payment methods for payment transfer.


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