Does Rite Aid Pay Weekly? 2023 (All you need to know)


Rite Aid is one of the American drug stores headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

As of 2022, more than 2288 Rite Aid stores are working in locations with more than 50,000 people. You can get free screening at the Rite Aid store. You can visit them to get prescriptions for your health. Vaccination and immunization are also done at the stores.

Does Rite Aid Pay Weekly?

Rite Aid does not pay weekly. Many reviews from Rite Aid employees suggested they are unpaid after a week. So Rite Aid is one of the stores without a weekly payment policy.

To know more about Rite Aid and when it pays, let’s start up the reading.

Rite Aid Biweekly Pay Policy 

Rite Aid is a drug store that has employed a biweekly pay policy. A biweekly Pay Policy means that the pay period is limited to up to 2 weeks. After employees have worked for two weeks, they are given their payments. Usually, how it releases employees’ pay into their accounts may vary. Most often, it pays on Monday, Thursday, or Friday.

They are paid through direct deposit or via cheque.

The Day at which Rite Aid Pays Employees

Usually, many stores pay on a specific day, but this does not apply to Rite Aid. They say at which company release pay does vary from store to store. Many stores choose their own when they have to pay their employees. On the other hand, an employee’s review on suggests that they are given biweekly payments on the day they join the company.

Rite Aid Payment Method

Employees can get direct deposits from the store. They can also request a manager to give them a cheque. Online pay stubs are also available to them, which they can get.

Rite Aid Hourly Pay Pattern

The average hourly pay at Rite Aid ranges from $10.88 to $25.36.

  • The cashier is paid $14 at Rite Aid
  • The sales associate is paid $16 per hour.
  • Certified Pharmacy Technician gets $18 per hour.
  • The supervisor earns $22 per hour.
  • Retail store managers make $35 per hour.
  • Staff Pharmacist gets $60 per hour.
  • Pharmacist gets $62 per hour.
  • The hourly wage for a pharmacy manager is $66.

Does Rite Aid strangle the first paycheck or not?

You may wonder as many stores do this and hold your first paycheck if you are a new employee. This policy may not exist in Rite Aid. It does not fit your first paycheck. You are paid biweekly on the day on which you joined the store.

Pay Raise at Rite Aid

As this store is not much renowned for increasing salaries of employees. They receive no salary increase over an extended period. Some of the employees get disappointed at the beginning payment amount. Only some staff employees get pay increments, like Rite Aid Pharmacists.

Rite Aid Benefits

Besides having a competitive pay package at Rite Aid, its employees can access several other benefits and discounts.

  • They are given paid time off.
  • Different leave options like a leave of absence.
  • They are given a 104(k) match.
  • Additional discounts at the store 
  • They get tuition fee reimbursement
  • Health insurance
  • House insurance
  • Car insurance
  • Pet insurance
  • Basic and supplement life and AD&D.


Rite Aid is a drug store chain located at different locations. They have been paying biweekly to their employees. The average pay at Rite Aid is $10 to $25. Employees are paid on the same day they join the store after two weeks. Salary rise for most retail workers is not witnessed over an extended period.


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