Does Subway Pay Weekly? (2023)


Subway is an American multinational fast food franchise. Its primary selling consists of wraps, salads, submarine sandwiches, and drinks. It has reached the United States through 20,000 franchises. These franchises are functional based on employees working in the store in different positions. As every company and organization has introduced their strategies and ways to pay its employees, we will discuss the world’s largest submarine sandwich chain – Subway.

Does Subway Pay Weekly?

In 2022, Subway was paying employees only a few times a week. None of the Subway franchises has initiated the rule to release pay weekly. 

Subway Biweekly Pay 2022

In 2022, Subway has been giving biweekly pay to its employees working in the Subway franchises. These employees are paid after every two weeks or 14 days. Most occasionally, Subway distributes payments on Fridays. The owners of the restaurant or franchise can also determine the day.

The day on which Subway pays its employees;

The standard and official day on which Subway releases pay for employees is Friday. There is no legal case for removing income on other days. Although it depends on the franchise owner, he may take a stance and pay the employees on days other than Friday.

The Subway payment method to release pays;

Subway pays its employees on a biweekly basis. The wages of the employees are sent directly into their bank accounts. This transfer takes place by direct deposit.

Hourly Wages At Subway;

  • An employee’s salary depends on the position at which they are working,
  • For how long has he been working with the franchise?
  • The location and ownership influence the amount of pay.
  • So here is the list of hourly wages offered to Subway employees.
  • The average pay that a sandwich maker gets at Subway is $11.52, making up to $24,196 per year. This amount can be adjusted.
  • An average of $12.87 is offered to shift managers working at Subway, comprising an adjustable average salary of $24,196 annually.
  • A regional manager is paid $24 per hour. This amount makes up to $ $29.572 per annum.
  • Restaurant staff earns $13.56 per hour.
  • Food service worker earns up to an average of $14.44 per hour.
  • Cashiers earn $12.62 on average per hour at Subway.

Age criteria to be employed at Subway;

If you are a teen and finding a job, you can head towards Subway if you are 16. Yes, Subway hires a minimum of 16 years old teens. Some states have been reporting workers who are 15 years old. This custom is rare. The legal age to be hired by Subway is 16 years old. They are similarly paid as any other employee. But if they are school students, they can work up to 4 hours. Ultimately they will get lower wages than others if they work less time than other employees. So some restrictions are applied to these employees.

Subway Benefits;

The company offers some perks to its employees. Although some benefits are for all employees, some are reserved only for upper-class employees. Some benefits an employee can get from Subway include weekly, quarterly, and monthly bonuses. They are given stock options and employee discounts. According to Subway employees, they are not offered health insurance. They are not allowed maternity leave. There are no vacation days.


Subway pays employees on Fridays on a biweekly basis. You can get your payment after two weeks. The salary is sent through direct deposit in the employees’ bank account.


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