Does T-Mobile Own MetroPCS? (2023)


MetroPCS, formerly General Wireless Incorporation, has been operating wireless telecommunications throughout the United States. It was founded in 1994 by its two founders, Roger Lindquist, and Malcolm Lorang. The company’s services were first launched in 2002. PCS refers to the company’s term Personal Communication Service. This article deals with the ownership status of MetroPCS. Does T-Mobile own it? What else is there regarding the ownership and rebranding of the company? Let’s find these facts. 

Does T-mobile own MetroPCS?

Yes, MetroPCS is now owned by T-Mobile, another company operating in the United States. MetroPCS has rebranded itself. Now it is a type of subsidiary having T-mobile as the parent company. So MetroPCS belongs to a T-mobile company operating in the United States.

When did MetroPCS merge with T-Mobile?

This agreement was signed in October 2002. This agreement was signed, according to which MetroPCS will be merged into T-Mobile USA. These companies, namely MetroPCS and T-Mobile USA, are collectively known as T-Mobile US. This company has been trading on the stock exchange since then. After that, customers have to shift towards an LTE network. At that time MetroPCS CDMA network was discommissioned. At the time before both companies were merged, T-Mobile had a total of 32 million subscribers. MetroPCS had 9 million subscribers, which were given to T-Mobile USA. 

What is MetroPCS?

MetroPCS was a type of wireless telecommunications services provider working independently. It was also known as general wireless incorporation and MetroPCS telecommunications. It was founded in 1994. This company is headquartered in Richardson, TX. Now it is a type of subsidiary that T-Mobile owns in the United States.

Rebranding of T-Mobile USA

After the merger of MetroPCS into T-Mobile USA, the company was named T-Mobile US. This merger brought about a rebranding of the company. More was needed for T-Mobile USA. Once again, in 2018, this company was rebranded again. Now it is known as Metro by T-Mobile. Now it is known by this name. Other previous names like MetroPCS or T-Mobile are not in use. The parent company has decided to change its name. So now it is known as Metro by T-Mobile. With this rebranding, new features were offered to customers. Among the new features is an Amazon subscription, which includes all the entertainment and shopping benefits of Amazon.

Moreover, Google One storage, other bundles and offers, and unlimited plans were introduced along with this rebranding. It will be the first wireless network that has been adding Google One. Google One can expand cloud storage and backups. Now it has been operating as a prepaid and postpaid group.

Why T-Mobile rebranded MetroPCS??

T-Mobile owned the stance that it is doing so to eliminate the negative impression of MetroPCS company. T-Mobile believes that MetroPCS has a negative impression of it as a prepaid mobile service provider. In 2018, the number of T-Mobile subscriptions went up to 75 million, and 18 million were added by MetroPCS. Now MetroPCS has increased its presence and number of stores throughout the United States.

What benefits is it acquired as MetroPCS by T-Mobile?

After this merging and rebranding, Metro by T-Mobile has benefited from the merger. 

Increased Presence;

In 2013, the metro only covered 103 million people in the United States. After its merger with T-Mobile, it has been exposed to more than 323 million people. All these users are residing in the United States.

Increased availability of the products 

Before its merger with T-Mobile, it only offered a few handsets to customers. Only some of the variety of Android or iOS was available at the stores. After it merged with T-Mobile, it now sells different varieties of smartphones, including Android and iOS. They are also equipped with the latest inventory so that they can be sold to customers.

Nationwide approach;

Before the merger of MetroPCS into T-Mobile, it had only a specific reach. It was operated in only 16 cities in the 9f United States. Now it has been launched nationwide. Now it has more than 10,000 rebranded locations. 


T-Mobile has achieved MetroPCS. T-Mobile we have expanded this company. After several rebrandings, this company has been operating nationwide.


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