Does Target Accept WIC? All you need to know (2022)

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WIC is a food and nutrition assistance program. For those women, infants, and children who are lacking nutritional needs because of limited financial resources, WIC gives them access to essential food necessities and requirements. Providing adequate nutrition to suffering families is the major objective of this program. WIC helps suffering people with basic grocery items.

Target is one of the top retailers, carrying a wide variety of products from clothes to food products. It usually offers discounts on various products. Whether Target accepts WIC or not? Where is the WIC program accepted? How to use WIC benefits?

Let’s explore the details.

Does Target accept WIC?

The brief answer to this question is yes. Target accepts WIC. It means those people who are eligible for WIC, can shop through Target Store at deducted rates. Initially, it did not accept the program but in 2022 it accepted it. It works similarly to other WIC stores. Mostly WIC items are labeled as WIC so that person who is eligible to get these items may find them easily. It includes whole grain food, fruits, vegetables, infant formulas, baby foods, lactose-free milk, and many other dietary products that can be purchased by WIC-eligible persons at Walmart stores.

Who are eligible for WIC?

Anyone who wants to get registered by WIC must visit its store in the state. Although it is available in all states, you have to fill out its application according to your state residency. Any woman raising a child with limited financial resources is able to get this facility. If she is breastfeeding her child, she is able to get the 1-year program. In case she is not breastfeeding her child, she can get 6 months program. So a woman who is breastfeeding or postpartum can get this program. Foster parents, single parents, grandparents, and legal guardians of the kid can also get themselves registered for the program.

How to get WIC items at Target?

Target has mostly labeled these items for the facility of the customers. You can find them easily. you may also purchase products other than WIC-benefited items. After purchase, you have to separate the products which fall in this category and which do not. It is suggested to use different payment methods for them so that you might be able to get WIC benefits properly.

Pay the amount at checkout. You will receive a receipt for the purchase

What items fall in the WIC category?

United States Department of Agriculture’s Nutritional package has enlisted the products which are eligible for the WIC program. Let’s have a look at the products which you buy through this program.





Canned fish

Dried beans

Dried peas

Infant formulas

Whole grain food 

Wheat bread


Soya based beverages 

Adult cereals etc.

Nutrition remains in touch with you and can change your diet according to your need.

Does my local Target store accept WIC?

It has been noted that in some areas only super centers accept WIC. If you have any Target stores near you, call them ahead and ask whether they accept WIC or not. In case they offer, you may go shopping there.

How much cost does Target bear through WIC?

WIC is given a balance from $50 to $150 depending on the requirements. But $50 is the minimum amount. Similarly, you can not exceed $150. Those persons who are eligible for the WIC program can shop with this amount in a month. After a month they get a similar amount. As Target is taking WIC, any eligible person can shop up to $150 from Target stores in a month.

Can I use a WIC card at self-checkout?

Using a WIC card is very easy to use at checkout. WIC card can be used at self-checkout. WIC card works as any debit card does. You can go to any checkout, and after swiping your card you can get these products at discount rates.

Here you can also confirm that separate WIC products are buying at discounted rates.

Can I use WIC benefits for online purchases at

You may want to know whether you can use the benefits by purchasing online at WIC benefits can not be used on the online platform Target. You can not purchase any item through this program at digital program. You have to visit the store to get these products which are WIC benefited.

Can I use a WIC card for delivery charges?

As you can not purchase WIC items from the online store, similarly you are not able to pay for its delivery via WIC card. You can rather buy from in-store and bring them with you. You can also use other payment methods to pay for the delivery of other items.


Target has accepted WIC since 2021. WIC includes women, infants, and children. They can buy nutritional and dietary items at a discounted price. Those customers who are registered with this program are able to purchase the categorized item from the store. You can easily find them in Target stores where they are labeled. You can not buy through the online store and pay delivery charges. 


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