Does Target Do Money Orders? (Updated FAQs of 2022)

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Money orders are an excellent low-cost option for sending funds quickly and securely over long distances, even internationally. Because Target, with over 1900 stores nationwide, provides its customers with a wide range of services, you may be wondering if Target accepts money orders.

Does Target Do Money Orders?

No! Unfortunately, as of 2022, Target does not sell cash orders. Money orders can also be placed at stores such as Kroger, Walmart, and Safeway, as well as through companies such as MoneyGram or Western Union. These range in price from $1 to $5, and only cash, debit cards, and credit cards are accepted as payment.

Where Can You Fill Out Money Orders?

Money orders can be completed at various big-box stores and other locations, including supermarkets, corner marts, convenience stores, pharmacies, and more. Kroger is one store that sells money orders. Some stores that sell money orders are mentioned below:

  • Meijer
  • Publix \sSafeway
  • Choose CVS locations
  • Postal Service Locations in the United States
  • Walmart Money Exchanges
  • Your neighborhood bank or credit union

How can you purchase money orders?

You can also purchase cash orders through money transfer companies such as MoneyGram, Postal, and Western Union. Keep in mind, however, that while these are available, some MoneyGram and Western Union locations will not cash orders.

Where Is the Best Place to Purchase Money Orders?

Experts agree that an accredited financial institution or cash-checking facility is the safest place to complete money orders. Not only will cashing a money order be more secure, but banks can help purchasers track the money order.

How can you avoid the fee for money orders?

If you buy money orders frequently, you may want to avoid the higher bank fee for money orders and buy them from convenience stores or supermarkets other than Target for a lower cost.

How Much Are Money Orders?

Depending on the size of the money order, banks and credit unions will charge around $5 per money order up to a maximum of $1,000. 

Can money orders be free?

Yes! Money orders may be free if you have a top-tier account and your account plan covers them.

What is the most significant money order for customers if they go to a supermarket?

Customers can get a large money order for around $1 if they go to a supermarket, pharmacy, or corner store for their money order.

What Is the Best Way to Pay for Money Orders?

Money orders are prepaid and do not include your banking account information, so you must pay the entire amount of the money order upfront. 

What payment method do money order sellers accept?

Money order sellers typically accept only cash, debit card, or credit card payment. Keep the receipt until you are confident you will not require a refund on the money order.

Does the bank offer checks instead of money orders?

It’s worth noting that some banks offer cashiers’ checks instead of money orders, but they serve the same purpose—double-check with your payee to make sure these are also acceptable.

What are some advantages of using a money order?

Money orders have several advantages, including their low cost, the ability to send funds quickly and securely, and the fact that they can be used internationally.

What are the disadvantages of using a money order?

One disadvantage of using a money order is that it can be challenging to track, it can be lost or stolen, and all businesses may not accept it.

Are money orders a reliable method of sending money?

Money orders are an excellent method of sending money. They are inexpensive, quick, and secure. If you need to send money quickly, I recommend using a money order.

Is it necessary to have a bank account to obtain a money order?

No, you do not need a bank account to obtain a money order. A money order can be received from the post office, Western Union, or any other provider.

What is the procedure for cashing a money order?

To cash a money order, take it to your bank or credit union and show it to a teller. You may be asked to show identification and fill out a form.

It is simple to cash a money order and only takes a few steps:

  1. Go to your bank or credit union and present the money order to a teller.
  2. Present identification and complete any required forms.
  3. Get money from the teller. 

What are some other methods of sending money?

There are a few other options for sending money. Wire transfers, cashier’s checks, and personal checks are all options for customers. Each of these options has its own set of advantages and disadvantages.


Target does not sell money orders in any of its locations because it does not provide financial services. You can purchase or cash a money order at other supermarkets, convenience stores, pharmacies, post offices, banks, and credit unions for between $1 and $5 or more at banks if you have a large money order.


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