Does Target have Layaway? (Official Facts of 2022)

Does Target have Layaway
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Layaway- lay them away, is a payment method in which a down payment is made for certain merchandise. The payment is completed in installments. The store keeps the merchandise until the customer pays the remainder of the whole price in a certain time. After completing the payment for that specific merchandise, the consumer can take possession of the item at the end. Those shoppers who are not able to pay in a lump sum can buy the item by reimbursing small amounts over a limited time. Many retailers have introduced this method in their stores. We have to explore whether Target is having Layaway or not.

Does Target have Layaway?

Those shoppers who are obsessed with Target and want to buy costly merchandise from the store can ask this question. In case their salaries are limited and they are not in a position to purchase that costly item. But on the contrary, Target has not introduced this method yet. It is not having Layaway in its store as a payment method to buy in installments. 

Alternative Layaway designs at Target:

You do not need to be disheartened as we are here to encourage you by introducing alternatives to Layaway at Target. What other plans are available at Target to split the whole price? What are other methods to buy costly merchandise in installments? Let’s explore the ideas.

Target has another similar plan to Layaway with some differences also. Target has been offering to buy now pay later methods(BNPL). They are similar to Layaway in the sense that you split the whole price and pay it during a period. It differs from Layaway in a way that at a first down payment you carry the merchandise with you. This was not in Layaway as you have to complete the installments first and then you were able to bring the item with you. In Target BNPL options, you can get the item by paying the first installment.

Here are a few alternatives to Layaway:

Affirm – a BNPL option at Target 

One of the buys now pay later methods at Target is Affirm. You can buy the item which you desire from the store. You have to clear the payments within specified months. You have options to clear the installments within 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months.

Typically APR ranges from 10% to 30%. It is not fixed because it varies depending on the item you purchased. 

You have to pay the actual amount and interest within the period. It does not cost any other fee. You are not charged a late fee by using Affirm. 

At self-checkout, you are informed about the total amount, interest amount, etc. You will get a clear indication of all the things. You will be free to choose the item or not. 

While purchasing $100 or more, you have to choose this option. You are suggested to use this payment method for merchandise which is exceeding $100

Affirm can be used both in-store and online.

Sezzle- another BNPL method:

Using Sezzle is also of great worth. Making a purchase above $35 and below $100, you are advised to use this method. It has a short repayment time.

Paying 25% of the total amount is done at the first, bring the product with you and then pay the remaining amount. You have to pay every two weeks. This method is interest-free and can be applied to low price items such as Target. 

You can avail of this option by getting a virtual card Sezzle. That will be used at checkout.

You will see a logo in the Beauty, Health, or Clothing category in the Target account. This logo belongs to Sezzle. Create your account here and add it to Apple or Google Pay wallets.

PayPal – a method of payment

It is like a regular payment method used by customers. Target does not directly partner with it. PayPal can be used as a payment method as well as to split the whole amount. Those account holders are eligible whose account is in good condition.

The whole amount is split into 4 parts. The 1st part is paid on the spot. The remaining three will be paid every two weeks.

  • Select the pay later options while paying at checkout with PayPal.
  • You will be asked to choose an option.
  • Select pay in 4.
  • Review the schedule and then submit.

Other BNPL services at Target:

You are not bound to use these above-mentioned methods. You can use the following to pay in installments.

  • Zip Allow
  • After Pay
  • Klarna

These procedures may vary from the previous methods. In these alternatives, you have to sign up for their account. They will offer a virtual card. Enter it into your mobile wallet. Use it as a payment method at Target checkout.

What other payment methods are available at Target?

Besides using these methods to split the whole price and pay it in chunks, you are free to use more diverse payment methods for purchases from Target.

  • You can use cash at checkout to pay for the commodity.
  • Using Target Redcard is another method of payment. You are also able to get products at discounts.
  • Target Temporary slip is another method of payment.
  • Gift cards can be used to buy items. They are specifically made to buy products from Target.
  • Personal cheque is included in payment methods at Target. When making a purchase, let them know at checkout that you are going to pay with a Personal Cheque.
  • Gift certificates, Target merchandise vouchers, and WIC are also included in payment methods at Target.
  • Digital payment methods include Apple pay, Google pay, and Samsung pay. You can also use credit cards or debit cards.

What are those payment methods which are not accepted by Target?

Besides having variety in payment methods, Target has excluded some payment methods which include foreign currency, foreign cheques, business checks, merchant gift cards, and many more.


Target does not allow Layaway as a payment method in its store. The purpose of Layaway is to split the amount of the merchandise and then pay it later in chunks. Excluding Layaway, Target has introduced other Buy Now Pay Later methods to facilitate its customers.


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