Does Target Sell Amazon Gift Cards? 2022

Does Target Sell Amazon Gift Cards
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Gift cards are used as a payment method. These can be redeemed at respective stores to buy different products or free shipping etc. The amount is loaded in the gift cards which are used to make a purchase. You can buy gift cards from several stores like Amazon and Target. You can buy them on your own or you can give them as a gift to your loved ones.

Does Target Sell Amazon Gift Cards?

Amazon gift cards are sold at many locations and retail stores. Whether Target sells them or not? So you can’t find Amazon gift cards at Target stores. These are unavailable at all locations of Target. No Target stores are allowed to sell them. In this way, you can head toward other stores to buy Amazon gift cards.

The main reason for not selling Amazon gift cards at Target stores seems that these both retailers are majorly competitive with each other. Selling anyone’s card is like persuading your customers to shop at a competitive store. That’s why Target does not sell Amazon gift cards.

Where can I buy Amazon gift cards?

Do not bother to think about the stores and locations which sell Amazon gift cards. Many locations still sell them. First, you can buy these cards at Amazon stores in shops or online.

How to buy Amazon gift cards at

You are free to visit to buy Amazon gift cards. These are available in a variety of types like Thanksgiving or birthday cards. You can purchase it at its own site. You can help yourself to buy Amazon gift cards from the following guidelines:

  • You have to login your account
  • Proceed to Amazon gift cards
  • There will be varied cards.
  • Choose the cards which you urge.
  • Select the amount as they range in price.
  • Just add it to your cart. 
  • Besides this, you have to provide your payment information for purchase.

Buy Amazon Gift Card at other stores:

Most grocery stores, pharmacies, brick-and-mortar shops, and other retailers sell Amazon gift cards. You can visit them to choose a card of your interest.

There is a list of other retailers who sell them.

Best Buy

Bread Box

Dollar General

CVS pharmacy

Corner Market

Game Stop


Hey Vee


Key Foods

Mid Way Market

Next Store Door





Whole Food Market

Besides them, you can also buy them at other numbers of stores.

What Gift cards does Target sell?

As Amazon gifts card are available at many stores you can find them from the above lists. If target does not sell Amazon gift cards, it does not mean that you can’t buy any other gift card. You are going to discover other gift cards which Target sells.

Those Gift Cards which Target sells:

American Express Gift Cards

Apple Gift Cards 

Disney Gift Cards

Darden Restaurant Gift Cards 

eBay gift cards 

Door Dash gift cards

Hulu gift cards 

Lawes Gift Cards


Panera Gift Cards

Ribbon Box gift cards

To view the complete range of cards that it sells you may visit its website or store.

What does it cost to buy an Amazon gift card?

Amazon gift cards are available at a variety of prices. Buying an Amazon card is so easy. They have pre-set prices and values. Amazon gift cards are available at the following prices:

$15, $20, $25, $25, $50, $75, $100

Creating custom gift cards is also possible. Custom gift cards have a maximum limit of $500.

Where can I use an Amazon gift card?

Those people who are unfamiliar with gift cards may ask the question of how to spend these cards or what is their usage. These help to provide you following services;

Lessen buying and shipping charges:

These cards help to buy products at Amazon stores at discounts or lessen shipping charges.

Many customers tend to buy these cards. Amazon gift cards are used to shop at Amazon in-store and online as well. These are used to store items. Buying products from Amazon helps to lessen their prices. you can also opt to lessen shipping charges drastically. 

Subscribe to Amazon Prime Service:

Amazon prime service is worth choosing. Gift cards are also used to get subscriptions for Amazon prime membership.

Read on Kindle:

These also give you a chance to read on Kindle. It does not mean what type of reading material you choose, it will enhance your reading experience.

Amazon digital services:

Amazon video services, Amazon music, or gaming are also accessible with Amazon gift cards on your smartphone, laptop, or TV. Buying Amazon gift cards is going to be amazing.

Is there an extra fee for Amazon gift cards?

Purchasing gift cards is enough. You don’t have to pay any extra fee for these gift cards. You do have not to pay any extra fee at any grocery or other locations to buy an Amazon gift card.

Does the Amazon gift card expire?

Have you bought an Amazon gift card? Haven’t you purchased or redeemed it yet? Don’t bother at all. Amazon gift card never expires. You can get any service from Amazon mentioned above whenever you are free.


Amazon gift cards are not available at Target. As Target does not sell these cards at any one of the store locations. Besides it, you can buy at many other locations including grocery stores, pharmacies or retailers. They are available at different prices and never expire.


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