Does Target Sell Cigarettes? Burning Question Answered

Does Target Sell Cigarettes

In 2020 researchers say that nearly 13 out of every 100 adults in the United States aged 18 and up smoked cigarettes, meaning 30.8 million smokers are adults in the United States. More than 16 million Americans are affected by a smoking-related disease. Tobacco use is so common these days, and many big countries like the United States still have not banned its usage. Many big stores are selling cigarettes because they need money, and people need cigarettes. So, they do not care whether someone is harming themselves or not. 

Does Target Sell Cigarettes? (2022)

This raises a question here which is, Does Target sell cigarettes? The answer to this question is No! The biggest departmental store does not sell cigarettes and has completely banned the usage of cigarettes. 

When did Target stop selling cigarettes? 

You must be wondering when did Target stop selling cigarettes? Before 1996 Target was selling tobacco products as usual, but in 1996, Target was the first ever retail store to stop selling cigarettes, and they have not sold it since. 

Does the most extensive retail shop, Target, sell tobacco-related goods? 

No! The biggest departmental store, Target, does not sell any tobacco-related goods, whether cigarettes or cigars. You will not find tobacco-related products in Target.

Does Target sell rolling papers? 

After the ban of all the products related to tobacco, it would have been very awkward if they continued selling rolling papers to roll your tobacco in and smoke, so they banned the selling of rolling papers from all the branches of Target all over the World. 

Does Target sell lighters and ashtrays?

Yes! Even though Target does sell lighters.

Does Target sell ashtrays? 

Yes! Even though Target Does not sell tobacco-related products, they sell ashtrays. 

Does Target sell vapes? 

No! Target does not sell vapes. If you want a vape, you must go to vape shops to purchase it.

Does Target sell e-cigarettes?

These days, young youth are going crazy for e-cigarettes which they don’t realize are equally dangerous for them. So, Target has also stopped selling tobacco and does not sell e-cigarettes.

Is Target the first corporation to ban cigarettes?

No! Target, a subsidiary of Dayton Hudson Corp., is the second major corporation to abandon the cigarette business in recent months.

Does banning cigarettes affect Target’s sales? 

No! Banning cigarettes does not affect Target’s sales, as cigarettes account for less than 1% of their sales. 

What is the reason behind the banning of tobacco products in Target?

The decision, believed to be the first of its kind by a large retail chain, reflects the growing stigma attached to smoking and mounting pressure to comply with laws prohibiting the sale of tobacco to minors. Given the country’s escalating anti-smoking sentiment, Target’s third-largest discount department store chain could benefit from a flood of favorable publicity with little risk. 

How does Target describe its move of banning cigarettes?

Target described the move as a “business decision,” claiming that higher personnel and equipment costs to comply with stricter restrictions on sales to minors had reduced cigarette sales profitability. In general, convenience stores and other retail outlets rely far more on cigarette sales than mass merchandisers. Target’s cigarette sales were $73 million in 1995, accounting for roughly half of the chain’s total revenues of $15.8 billion.

Did Target ban cigarettes because of health issues? 

Yes! The move comes amid tightening controls on illegal tobacco sales to minors and the growing threat of fines and negative publicity for retailers who break the law. Tobacco opponents, who applauded the move, said they believed the decision was influenced by concern about the health consequences of smoking—and that Target emphasized business motives to avoid becoming embroiled in the escalating smoking war.

All states prohibit the sale of tobacco to minors under 18, but this has historically been one of the most widely disregarded laws in the country. Until recently, Utah and Minnesota were the only states where merchants were fined in significant numbers for illegally selling tobacco to children. According to A.C. Nielsen data, cigarette sales at supermarkets and drugstores were approximately $6.07 billion and $1.56 billion, respectively, which is a huge amount.

Will banning tobacco products affect the overall selling of tobacco in the World?

According to retail analysts and tobacco opponents, the decision may lead to other retailers abandoning the cigarette trade.


Cigarette smoking causes more than 480,000 deaths annually in the United States, including more than 41,000 deaths from exposure to secondhand smoke. This equates to approximately one in every five deaths per year or 1,300 deaths per day. Target has for sure taken a good initiative by banning its sale. 


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