Does Target Sell Stamps? Everything you need to know 2022

Does Target Sell Stamps
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Stamps or postage stamps are used in daily life. We have to send multiple commodities for various objectives. The purpose of a postage stamp is to give evidence that you have paid for it partially or wholly. You might have seen a rectangular small paper on letters, envelopes, or parcels- that is a postage stamp. These postage stamps are used on letters, parcels, or envelopes you are sending to someone through the post. Target has been selling these postage stamps at various locations. 

Target is one of the top retail brands in the US market having thousands of stores. Besides selling clothing, beverages, household accessories, patio and garden, electronics, and all the daily routine items, it also sells postage stamps in its stores.

If you are in need to buy these stamps, head towards your nearest Target store.

Does Target sell Stamps?

Yes, Target has been selling stamps in its store at various locations. These stamps are offered solely or you can buy sheets, rolls, coils, or books from the store. You can seek assistance from the Target customer service desk. They will help you buy stamps. Its price depends on the type of stamp you purchase from the store.

How to locate that store where I  can buy stamps?

Target stores are situated in all 50 states of the United States. Most of the citizens are familiar with these stores. Most commonly people visit Target stores because they are situated in almost every state and are accessible.

It might be your question how to know that my nearby Target store is selling stamps. You can locate it with the help of a locator. You have to enter the zip code of the area. Filtering stores for stamps can be an easy way to locate the store selling stamps. You can call them to know about the sale. Interact them online in another case.

Where can I buy Postage Stamps?

These stamps are available in every post office. But in case you don’t want to move to the Post office you can head towards Target store to buy stamps. You must know that all Target stores do not sell them. As Target stores are of two types i.e Standard stores and hyper stores. These hyper or supercenter stores sell them most frequently. In the case of small stores or standard stores, you may consult them either by call or online. You have to ask your query. In case they sell them, go to the store. 

Sometimes these have been placed on the register, and head towards it. If you can’t find them there, go to the customer service desk. They are usually placed there. Pay the amount and buy your required stamp.

What types of stamps are available at Target stores?

Stamps are of varied types. Although there are 14 denominations of stamps like Lincoln, Franklin, Harrison, Marshall, etc in the US.

They have different price values. Target sells international as well as national stamps. Most occasionally you will see First Class and First Class Forever Stamps in the stores. 

How much does it cost to buy a stamp at Target?

Depending on the type of stamp you are buying, Target will cost you accordingly. 

Individual Stamp cost $0.55 at Target. A book of stamps having 20 First Class stamps can cost $11. Standard taxes will also be applied to the purchase of stamps. The maximum amount that can be charged is up to $25. Target sells them at the price at which US post offices sell them. Purchasing a booklet might save you money if you use them usually instead of a single stamp as it may charge high as compared to the booklet. 

Can I buy stamps at

In case you do not want to visit the store to buy them you must be searching whether Target sells them on its website or not. Unfortunately, Target is not selling them yet. You can buy other postage-related items such as envelopes at Similarly, you can’t get these stamps from third-party apps.

Does buying stamps help to earn circle award points?

According to Target, stamps do not earn rewards points for Circle members. They can’t help you earn points. Circle members are those members of Target who can get discounted products.

Moreover, these stamps are ineligible to earn points for Redcard holders as well. The same case is with Redcard. They help to buy products at a deducted rate.

What other stores are selling stamps?

Some of the stores that sell stamps most frequently include Walmart, Staples, OfficeMax, CVS, etc. Walgreen sometimes stocks these stamps as well.


Target has been selling postage stamps frequently in its hyper store. You can buy various types of stamps. Among them, First Class Forever Stamps and First Class stamps are stocked by Target most commonly. You can purchase them from the nearby Target store as they are not available at the Target website 


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