Does TJ Maxx Pay Weekly? (2023)


Finding an ever-fresh array of fashionable and brand home fashions, apparel, and many other beauty products is common at TJ Maxx. It is famous for its lower prices. More than 1000 stores are operating in the United States.

Does TJ Maxx Pay Weekly?

Among many other stores, TJ Maxx is known for paying its employees after a week. Employees can get their Pay after every week. Most often, the day on which their Pay is discharged is Friday. They can get direct deposits in their accounts. Paying every week is much more facilitative. They may meet both ends by getting their Pay right after a week.

On which day TJ Maxx discharges Pay for employees?

While working at the store, it might be helpful to know the details of that store. If you intend to work at TJ Maxx and are collecting information about the store, this article will help you. The factor behind a job is to meet financial needs. TJ Maxx often releases Pay every Friday and disperses them among the employees.

TJ Maxx Payment Method

To know the payment release media, this section will help you know that. TJ Maxx transfer pays employees either through cheques or direct deposit. Employees can choose one method according to their ease. Getting a cheque from the manager is also possible. Conversely, direct deposit is received on the same day or the following Monday.

How much does TJ Maxx Pay to employees?

The average Pay at TJ Maxx ranges from $9 to $23 per hour. Thus the minimum wage at TJ Maxx is $9.

  • Sales associates and cashiers earn from $9 to $14 per hour.
  • The customer service coordinator makes $9 to $16
  • The key holder makes up to $11 at TJ Maxx.
  • Administrative coordinator earns up to $11 to $19.
  • Assistant Store Manager makes $15 to $29.
  • Hourly wages for warehouse associates are $11 to $19 per hour.

TJ Maxx Pay Increase

TJ Maxx raises the wages of the employees. Although the entry-level Pay at TJ Maxx is less than the national Pay, you can see a pay raise after one year of working. Moreover, your position and time worked at TJ Maxx decide how much to increase Pay. The Pay is also raised according to employee efficiency.

TJ Maxx Pay Policy for Orientation

Orientation time at the TJ Maxx is about 4 hours. Employees are oriented and trained for the position they have to work at the store. They are usually paid for the orientation time. This Pay stands for their starting pay.

TJ Maxx Overtime Pay Policy

On most holidays, TJ Maxx doesn’t remain closed. These days, employees can work overtime to earn extra Pay that counts as one and a half more than their actual Pay. Full-time and part-time employees can get one and a half of their actual Pay by working overtime and holidays.

A career at TJ Maxx

TJ Maxx is passionate about hiring employees. Workers can get employee benefits at the store. It mainly engages in three hierarchies: corporate, distribution department and logistics.

These departments are further subdivided.

TJ Maxx Job Benefits 

Full-time employees at TJ Maxx are eligible to earn the following benefits

  • Optional medical insurance, including dental and vision 
  • Paid time off
  • Associate discounts
  • Part-time employees can get the following benefits;
  • Optional participation in the 401(k) program
  • They get associate benefits 


TJ Maxx has been offering weekly hourly wages. These wages are often released on Friday through cheques or direct deposit. Although their average Pay is less than the national Pay, employees get yearly pay raises. 


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