Does Verizon Own its Towers? (2023)


Verizon is a telecommunication company operating a wireless network. It is the largest telecommunication company in the US and also operates 150 locations throughout the world. Its pioneers were Vodafone and Verizon Communications. 

In this article, we are concerned about the matter of whether Verizon owns its Towers or not. 

Does Verizon own its Towers?

No, Verizon does not own its Towers. Although it does not own towers, it has also been operating more than 2000 towers in recent years. This company independently operates these towers. Moreover, in 50 states of the US, Verizon has been involved in 4000 rooftop locations. It is only operating these towers partially because it has acquired different services to operate these towers. Some companies which are associated with Verizon in this matter are SBA and Crown Castle.

What type of towers are used by Verizon?

We have learned that Verizon doesn’t have its towers. So what does it do alternatively? Most commonly, as witnessed from the past event, Verizon mainly operates towers with the help of two major companies.

  • SBA
  • Crown Castle 

These two companies are involved in helping Verizon to fix towers. Not only for towers but also other infrastructure, these two comparisons are employed by Verizon. 

Deal Between Verizon and American Towers; 

Another deal has been signed to lease more than 11,000 towers to American Towers. This deal is expected to be signed for $5 billion. But still, it carries hold on many other towers. Verizon still operates more than 2000 towers. 

Deal Between AT&T and Verizon

After it sold many towers to American Towers, it has been sharing itself with AT&T to assist and facilitate its customers. You will witness this partnership when you are in an extended Verizon area. Wherever you go outside of the area of Verizon coverage, you may see that you are in the AT&T network. This is the result of a partnership between both companies. Moreover, the local network provider is also responsible for assisting when there are no Verizon Towers. 

Who is holding Verizon tower infrastructure?

A smaller company, Tillman Infrastructure, which is not based in the United States, is employed to build Verizon towers. Verizon has employed this company so that its tower can be built. Besides the partnership of Verizon with Tillman infrastructure, AT&T has also done the same. AT&T has signed a partnership with Tillman Infrastructure so that they can build their towers. 

How are Verizon’s 5G towers built?

There are three biggest cell tower companies in the United States. Verizon has employed two companies. Now, these two companies will build 5G towers for Verizon. Among them, one is CBA, and the other is Crown Castle. CBA will help build 5G towers for Amazon. On the other hand, Crown Castle has signed a deal according to which 15,000 towers will be built by this company. These towers will carry a 5G carrier. Moreover, Crown Castle has installed more than 41,000 towers in the United States.

Does AT&T buy Verizon towers?

Many other partnership relations remained between Verizon and AT&T. But AT&T never bought towers from Verizon. In the past, AT&T used to buy some Verizon wireless properties. That wireless property included some network assets and licenses. Moreover, this company does not utilize Verizon Towers only in certain cases. It does not commonly use Verizon towers, but sometimes, when the phone is roaming, it may use these towers. In this case, it picks up the call and starts services.

Do Verizon towers are used by T-Mobile?

There is a difference between both companies. T-Mobile does not buy Verizon towers. Again the reason is that Verizon is operated through the CDMA network. On the other hand, T-Mobile is used as a GSM network. So it does not buy Verizon towers.

Does Xfinity use Verizon Towers?

Yes, Xfinity uses Verizon towers. There is a reason behind this matter. Xfinity is a type of MVNO network, which is significant because it does not have its own network. So it just utilizes some other wireless networks. In this case, Verizon towers are used by Xfinity to provide services.

Does Google Fi use Verizon towers?

No, Google Fi does not use Verizon towers. Yet it employs other companies for this purpose. More often, Google Fi uses T-Mobile, Sprint, or US Cellular. After the merger of T-Mobile and Sprint, Google Fi mainly uses T-Mobile as the primary network for towers.


Verizon has yet to establish its owned towers, yet it has employed several infrastructure companies that build towers for Verizon. Two such infrastructure companies which Verizon uses are SBA and Crown Castle. These companies mainly build towers for Verizon. Some other networks also use Verizon towers for their services, like Xfinity.


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