Does Verizon own US Cellular? (2023)


Verizon is one of the world’s largest communication firms. The company has many subsidiaries that provide customers with services, entertainment, information, and communication products. Verizon’s segments include wireline and wireless. Verizon has purchased many companies over the years, but you might wonder if Verizon also owns US Cellular. Let’s find out together. 

Does Verizon own US Cellular?

No! Verizon does not own US Cellular. US Cellular is a subsidiary of Telephone and Data Systems Incorporated. Telephone and Data Systems Inc. owns approximately 84% of US Cellular. Furthermore, US Cellular has roaming agreements with other cell phone providers, such as AT&T, which allows customers to roam for free.

Is Verizon’s coverage the same in the United States?

When comparing the two coverage maps, US Cellular coverage is similar to Verizon coverage, but US Cellular only has 10.27% coverage using its network. Furthermore, US Cellular and Verizon are among the best providers of high-quality coverage in the United States North Central region.

Is US Cellular superior to Verizon?

US Cellular is better than Verizon but is the fifth-largest mobile carrier with its network. It also has roaming agreements with Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile to provide service to customers while roaming outside the network. 

Is US Cellular more expensive than Verizon?

No! US Cellular is less expensive than Verizon. US Cellular’s unlimited plans begin at $65, whereas Verizon Unlimited plans begin at $80. However, US Cellular provides customers a $10 credit on their bill if they have at most 3GB of data, which Verizon does not. 

Does US Cellular have more customers or Verizon?

Verizon has more customers. US Cellular has approximately 5 million customers and is only available in 23 states, whereas Verizon has about 120 million customers and is available throughout the United States.

Are US Cellular and Verizon similar?

Yes! They both have some similarities. US Cellular and Verizon offer prepaid and postpaid cell phone plans, and both have excellent coverage in the North Central United States. Also, both US Cellular and Verizon sell cell phones and accessories, and if you choose a postpaid plan, both will run a credit check. Furthermore, both US Cellular and Verizon charge an activation fee, and both companies allow you to bring your phone. Moreover, if you have Verizon or US Cellular, most phones will be compatible with switching networks without issue as long as the phone is unlocked.

What Is the Difference Between US Cellular and Verizon?

The main distinctions between US Cellular and Verizon are:

  • The plans’ prices.
  • The number of programs available.
  • The benefits associated with each program.

With Verizon Unlimited plans, you will either receive a free 6-month trial of the Disney+ Bundle or free for the duration of your Verizon service. US Cellular, on the other hand, does not provide these benefits, so you won’t get free Disney+ or other subscriptions that Verizon provides on select plans, such as Hulu or Apple Music.

Is Verizon’s purchase of US Cellular a good idea?

Yes! Verizon should buy US Cellular because the company already has an agreement with Verizon to provide coverage to customers while roaming outside of the network. US Cellular is among the top ten mobile networks in the United States. Verizon would benefit from acquiring US Cellular and adding more revenue and customers to its network.

Will US Cellular customers get any benefit if Verizon acquires it?

Yes! Verizon provides more plans and price points for customers, with some of those plans including benefits such as free Hulu, Disney+, Apple Music, and other cool perks. Customers of US Cellular may feel they are getting more bang for their buck if Verizon purchases the company and extends these benefits to postpaid customers. 

How will the purchase of US Cellular affect its employees?

It would cause havoc between them. If Verizon purchased US Cellular, all US Cellular employees would lose their jobs. The best option would be for Verizon to keep US Cellular as a subsidiary, allowing employees to keep their jobs and continue their careers as usual.

Has Verizon attempted to acquire US Cellular?

While Verizon has not attempted to acquire US Cellular in its entirety, it did purchase some assets from the company in 2013. Verizon specifically acquired assets in Missouri from US Cellular, including customers, CDMA operations, and the Cellular A-Block license. This acquisition enabled Verizon to acquire some of the most populated cities, including Farmington, Potosi, and Ste. Genevieve, and covered more than 1,700 square miles. Unfortunately, Verizon has made no moves to acquire US Cellular as a company, and it is unknown whether this will happen.


Verizon does not own US Cellular because Telephone and Data Systems Incorporated primarily owns it. However, Verizon and US Cellular have an agreement allowing customers to get roaming coverage outside the small US Cellular network, which only covers 10.27% of the United States.


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